The first Fantastic Four trailer has hit online for Josh Trank’s re-imagining of the very first Marvel superhero team. Before this trailer, all fans got was hints at the plot and most have already crucified the movie before ever seeing footage. From the changes in characters and powers and motivations to the fact that Doctor Doom is a freaking blogger, fans already hate the movie months before it ever hits theaters.

Then, the Fantastic Four trailer happened … and it’s actually pretty good.

Fans who hated Miles Teller being cast as Reed Richards might be surprised to see him looking the part in this trailer. Fans who hated Johnny Storm’s race change … well, that became the least of fan’s worries as plot details leaked.

However, the look of the N-Zone (the Ultimate Universe’s version of the Negative Zone) was really cool looking, the Human Torch lighting up looked a lot better than it was described in the leaks, and the story itself looks like a good, solid fun sci-fi story – which is always where the Fantastic Four worked best in the comics.

Anyway, I still hate the rumored plot details, but after seeing the first Fantastic Four trailer, I think I could really love this movie if it was an original superhero movie and not the Fantastic Four. I might end up loving it anyway. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments.

Fantastic Four trailer