There are a lot of changes being made in Marvel Comics right now. Honestly, it is almost like Marvel is wanting to wipe out everything familiar about the Marvel Universe and make everything new. For old school readers, it is almost too much change to happen at once.

The Fantastic Four has been cancelled, The Inhumans seem to be taking over the spot once held by Mutants, Thor lost his arm and hammer and now a female has taken on the role, Iron Man is a bigger dick than ever, and Captain America has given up his shield, giving it to Sam Wilson, the hero formerly known as The Falcon.

Well, that last change is one that is starting to cause the rumor mill to start turning when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will Steve Rogers turn over the role of Captain America to Sam? It makes sense because Chris Evans contract will end after the third Avengers movie and if Marvel wants to carry on with the hero, they will either need to recast or pass the shield to someone else.

Now, when Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released, it looked like Bucky would eventually end up as Captain America. That is what happened at the end of Civil War in the comics, and the third Captain America movie is based on Civil War. However, Winter Soldier is a pretty damn cool character and he still exists in comics.

So, what about Falcon becoming Captain America?

Actor Anthony Mackie was asked that exact question. He pointed out that there are a lot of stories in the comics. He points out that Cap gives Bucky the shield, Bucky gives it back, Cap gives it to Falcon, Falcon gives it back. Then Cap decides he is too old to be a superhero and gives it back to Sam. “Now I got the Shield,” Mackie said. “I’m not giving it back.”

I like how he refers to the comic book character in the first person, as if he were actually The Falcon. Plus, I love The Falcon as Captain America because he gets the shield and keeps his wings. It is just an awesome character. Personally, I’d like to see Chris Evans stay on-board with Marvel as Steve Rogers, a supporting character who maybe runs black ops operations, while Sam takes on the role of Captain America.

What are your thoughts? Should Bucky stay Winter Soldier or become Captain America? Should Sam get to be Captain America with Steve Rogers remaining in the background or should Marvel keep Steve as Cap and recast? Lets chat in the comments.

Source: Superhero Feed on Twitter