Worst date ever

Our mystery writing man takes a woman home. She claims that they know each other. He finally admits that they do as he proceeds to kill her.

Coulson is writing on the wall like normal. Skye comes in because she is supposed to be Coulson’s babysitter. May is on the manhunt for Ward. Ward is going to one of his stash boxes at a train station. Agent Triplett is surveilling him. Ward somehow knows that SHIELD is watching. Ward straps on some C4. Ward pulls up his shirt to let them know that he sees them. Ward takes a bag full of cash, clothes and a cell phone out of the locker.

Ward gets on a bus to Dallas, before getting on he helps a woman with a child with their bags. When Ward gets on the bus, he sits next to Bobbi. Ward tells Bobbi that he knows that she is SHIELD. He tells her that if they don’t back off he will blow the bus sky high. Ward walks off that bus and gets on one to Boston. Lance is on the back of that bus.

Skye gets word of the woman that was murdered. Skye finds the markings on the woman match the drawings that Coulson was carving. They get the womans body. They find out that the drawings were carved into her skin. When Simmons gets the lab work back. They find out that the victim had GH-325 in her blood. The killer also had it in his/her blood. Coulson figures that the only logically way to figure out who this person is. Will be to go back into the memory machine that Rena had him connected to. In order to find out what happened to him.

Always a bad idea

Coulson gets into the machine. He finds out that the woman that was murdered along with the mystery man where former SHIELD agents, along with 4 other people. Coulson learns, through his memory, that these people were all given the GH-325 serum. The side effects drove them all mad. Coulson wanted to shut the program down. The doctors did not want to, feeling that this was a great discovery. Their recommendation was to erase people’s memories. With Skye’s help Coulson uncovers all of the names of the agents. The problem is that all of them are dead. The machine goes haywire and Skye has to pull Coulson out. Coulson is very agitated by the effects of the machine. Skye has to settle him down at gunpoint. Skye calls May to tell her what happened. May tells Skye to lock Coulson away until she gets back. Skye leads Coulson to the chamber that Ward was in. Coulson pushes Skye into it. Coulson is going after the agent by himself.

Ward goes to meet with Whitehall right hand man (Bochi) . He wants a meeting with Whitehall. In return, Ward promised that he will lead them to Coulson. Coulson goes to see a former agent named Thompson. Coulson points a gun toward him and asks if he has ever seen the drawings. Thompson tells Coulson no. He also mentions that he has told both of you this. This tips Coulson off that someone else has visited him. Derrick attacks Coulson from behind.

Simmons finally noticed that Skye is locked away in the basement. They free her and go after Coulson. May, Triplett and Bobbi go to the bar where Ward is. They find everyone inside dead. They find Bochic tied up in the back with Ward’s clothes on. He has a note on him stating that he is a present for Coulson.

Derrick has Coulson tied up in Thompson workroom. He tells Coulson that the pain helped him remember. He killed the others to find out what the carvings meant. He tells Coulson that he came for him first but he was dead. He wants to know why is Coulson still alive? He wants to know what the carvings mean. Coulson  tells him that he doesn’t know Thompson frees himself and runs to his family. Derrick tries to attack Thompson by throwing a knife at him. Thompson catches the knife, in his hands, that Derrick throws at him. Coulson tells Thompson to take his family and run. Coulson and  Derrick get into a fight when May and Sky come in. Coulson has Derrick pressed against a railing. Coulson tells Derrick to look. Coulson tells him that the answer is right n front of him. Derrick looks at the train set that Thompson made. The pattern of the train set makes out the patterns that they were carving. Coulson explains to Skye that this is the final piece. The pattern is not a map but a blueprint of a city. Coulson debriefs Thompson, telling him about his SHIELD past. Coulson asks  him to come work for him. Thompson declines, he prefers the life that he has now.

Coulson tells the team what he ha been dealing with. He tells him about the city. He tells them that Hydra is looking for the answer to the carving as well. Coulson tells the team that they know that the carvings are a city. They must find this city before Hydra does. Coulson doesn’t know why the aliens was trying to get to the city but the DNA of the alien that was imprinted in them is what was driving them to make the carvings.

After credit scene

Ward is cutting of his facial hair. Bochic, Skye answers. Ward tells her that he hopes that Coulson received the present that he left for them. He tells her that he may leave a few more presents along the way. Skye tells Ward to come in. Ward tells her that he has a few personal matters to attend to. Ward packs his bags and drops a newspaper with his brother on it in his bag.


I was happy that the writers did not forget about the GH-325. It is one of the best storylines of AoS. I can’t help but have the feeling that the Marvel brass is going somewhere with this, somewhere really big. Even movie big. I don’t think it will be solved in season 2. One can only hope that SHIELD keeps the ratings to let this play out, as I feel this may lead somewhere within phase 3 of the MCU. I could be wrong but I still can dream right?