We start off with everyone having breakfast at the Teller household. Jax wants Abel to stay home from school, as the child continues his decent into toddler madness.  Jax and the guys head to the cabin to check on the mother & son, when the kid flips his lid and tries to escape via car. The pursue him, and eventually get him to pull over, as he explains he was just going to hand himself over to Marks to end this.  Jax tells him to wait it out, as he promises it’ll all be over soon. Later, Jax and the gang meet up with August, who agrees to give them Bobby if he hands over the Pastor’s body, the phone with the footage of the Pastor and his frequent hookers, as well as the son. He promises not to hurt the son.

The boys simply take the Pastor’s head & arms, and leave the rest, so they can turn in Marks later. They attach them to the legs & torso of one of the other guys killed. When they show up for the meet, they give Marks everything he asks for, and he hands over Bobby. However, seconds later, he blows Bobby’s brains out, as a message to Jax and the son about what happens if you betray him. He’s later buried out by the cabin.

The Sheriff finds out that the guy both Gemma & Juice said killed Terra was in fact in Las Vegas that night, arrested for drunk & disorderly. Wayne says to pull Juice’s deal, and they’ll figure out how to approach Gemma later. After the meet with Marks and the ordeal with Bobby, Chibbs delivers the statement made by the mother, as well as where to find the rest of the preacher to the Sheriff. After they discuss that, she wonders if he truly has feelings for her, and if so, she wants to hop on the goodfoot and do the bad thing, right there in the parking garage. They do. Very romantic, a parking garage. Later, Gemma is left with Bobby’s body for a moment, and she asks for his forgiveness, as she couldn’t have seen all this happening. Oh, and who happens to hear all of this? Abel, who for some reason has the mutant power to be in the right place at the right time for eavesdropping. In the end, Jax & Chibbs are parked across the street, starring Marks down as he’s arrested.

Review: A pretty slow episode, honestly. I feel like they did so much in the first few episodes, and could have wrapped up everything in less than the standard 12 episodes, so they created some filler. I don’t know how on Earth Jax thinks that screwing with Marks like this is gonna help. Being in jail means nothing. Also, my thought about Jax going out via suicide is becoming stronger & stronger as he has to endure more tragedy. Finding out that his mother has been the cause of all his misfortune will be what breaks him.