Belle in Arendelle

In the Enchanted Forest, a woman is packing up books when soldiers tell her that the wall has fallen. She calls for Belle, her daughter. Her mother tells her that they need to escape, but it is too late. She tells Belle they will have to hide. A giant comes in and flips the table off them. Belle wakes from her nightmare and asks her father for what happened because she can’t remember. He shows her the coffin and she cries.

Belle’s father comes to talk to her. She is upset because she can’t remember what happened and he says she won’t find her answers in a book. He says magic comes at a price and forbids her to leave to get answers. Belle looks at a map of Arendelle and decides to go there to get her memories back.

Anna shows back home and Elsa asks what she found out. Anna lies and says she found out nothing. She wonders why Elsa hasn’t covered the castle in snowflakes when Elsa says she is learning to control her magic from their Aunt. Anna is confused as she says their mother didn’t have a sister. The Snow Queen comes out and demonstrates her powers to Anna and tells her that she was put in a magical urn for many years. Anna goes to Kristoff and tells him that she doesn’t trust their Aunt. She decides to go to Grand Pabbie to get some answers. We see the Snow Queen eavesdropping as Anna leaves.

Belle is now in Arendelle talking with Oaken asking for directions to the rock trolls. Anna wonders in and tells Belle that she will take her there. Belle tells Anna that she wants to get her memories back from the rock trolls. They get ready to climb, but Anna tumbles down and the sorcerer’s hat falls out. She tells Belle how she stole it from a man who she hopes Belle never crosses.

Belle is given a stone that she has to put in tea and drink to get her memories back. Anna tells Grand Pabbie about the Snow Queen and he tells her what she says is correct. Her mother had two sisters, but they went missing and so Grand Pabbie wiped the whole city’s memories of them.

Belle and Anna are leaving the rock trolls when there is a storm. Anna thinks its her aunt because she doesn’t want her to tell Elsa what she found out. Anna shows Belle the box and says she can take her Aunt’s magic. The memory stone falls from Belle’s hand and she has to choose between saving Anna or having her memories. The rock falls and Belle tries to save Anna, but she falls to the base. The Snow Queen shows up and takes Anna.

Belle goes home to an angry dad. She says the trip was a mistake. He tells her what happened the day of her mother’s death. The ogres attacked and her mother saved Belle by sacrificing herself.

Sarah has Anna imprisoned in a cell. She tells Anna that she know she was planning on using the box on Elsa. Anna says she knows about her other sister and asks what happened to her. Anna asks what she wants and she says she wants what she has always wanted–a family who loves her for her.

The Search Is On

Belle comes looking for Gold and tells him that Emma needs to seem them right away. Emma shows her parents, Gold, Belle, Regina and Henry the tape we saw last week. They ask if Gold knows how the Snow Queen got to Storybrooke and what she wants from Emma. Henry says they should search for her ice cream truck.

They split up to search except for Belle and Elsa who go to the library to research. Once there Belle and Elsa look for books and Elsa asks if there are any books of Arendelle. Belle lies and says she doesn’t know anything about Arendelle. Elsa talks to Belle who reassures her that Anna is alive and didn’t want to harm her. Belle tells her that she has to do something.

The Snow Queen is by her ice cream truck as Emma, Robin, Regina, Hook and the Merry mean find the van. Emma tells her dad that they found it.

Robin asks to talk to Regina. He asks if Regina is avoiding him. He guesses that she’s upset that he told her he’s in love with her. She says she has been avoiding him because she doesn’t know how to tell him the truth about Marian. She has done everything she can think of and the only solution she can think of is to have him forget about her so he can save Marian.

They go in the truck, but it has been cleaned out except one locked area. Emma finds a file about her that dates back to when she first arrived on the side of the road. While looking through the file they find a scroll with runes on it.

Gold comes into the shop and finds Belle. She says she has to go to where the Snow Queen is hiding because she has to fix a mistake she made. She asks him to go along and when he refuses she uses the dark dagger against him. Gold brings her to the Snow Queen’s place. She has him stand outside while she goes in.

Belle goes into the ice cave and hears a woman’s voice calling her. She goes to the mirror and sees her own image. The mirror Belle says she hoped she would find her. Mirror Belle is surprised that she came and says Belle chose the rock over Anna. Belle says it was a mistake and Mirror Belle says she isn’t a hero. She says Gold married her because he knew he could manipulate her. Gold comes in and tells her the Snow Queen is on her way. She tells him that she knows what happened to Anna and needs to fix it.

Gold shows up at the Ice Queen’s liar and says he caught a look at her mirror. He says he won’t let her harm those he cares about and she threatens back. He conjures the sorcerer’s hat and tells her that she doesn’t have her leverage anymore.

Her Perfect Family

Elsa shows Emma and Hook a book and says she thinks the Snow Queen is her Aunt. Elsa reads the scroll Emma found earlier and says it is a prophecy about a savior named Emma and it says the savior will become the Snow Queen’s sister. Elsa thinks the Snow Queen believes the prophecy and is looking to replace her sister. Belle shows up and tells them that she knows that the Snow Queen took Anna years ago in Arendelle and about the mirror. She says Gold said it was part of a spell called the Spell of Shattered Sight that could cause the town to turn on each other. Emma and Elsa think they will be spared so she can create her perfect family like she always wanted.