In some controversial news, Marvel Comics apparently chose to cancel their Fantastic Four titles, and while poor sales numbers was blamed, there was possibly more to it than that. See, Marvel wanted Fantastic Four back from Fox, and with Fox ready to release their new Fantastic Four movie in order to hold onto the property for longer, Marvel was doing what they could to squash the popularity of the First Family of Marvel Comics.

Not only did Marvel cancel the titles, but they ordered all creators to not use them in their comics and stopped all promotion of the team. Some people pointed out that X-Men was still at Fox and Marvel wasn’t doing anything to hurt them, but the X-Men sell more than almost any other Marvel Comics title.

That might be changing.

Marvel Comics just killed Wolverine, the most popular member of The X-Men. Now, it looks like Marvel is trying to kill The X-Men by pushing The Inhumans instead in the same role that the X-Men formerly held. Originally, The Inhumans were a society living on the Dark Side of the Moon led by the Royal Family led by Black Bolt.

Now, the storyline of The Inhumans have changed. Apparently, there were many more Inhumans than even they knew about, many not living in Attilan and actually integrating themselves in the human world, spreading the bloodline and creating a number of super humans in the process.

This is just like Mutants, except created originally from the Kree experimentation years ago. Marvel has since added Inhumans in almost every Marvel title. The new Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman. Marvel also went as far as to start treating the Inhumans as minorities in fear – something that made the X-Men so special. With the main Inhumans a Royal Family, and the rumors of their own society, they are much more dangerous than Mutants as well if society wants to persecute them.

There are also rumors that the Inhumans were spread across society to remain prepared for an eventual cosmic attack, so that gives their existence an importance.

This leads everything back to the movies. The Inhumans movie comes out on Nov. 2, 2018 as part of the Marvel Phase 3 series of movies. Kevin Feige said that The Inhumans movie was going to be huge and would create its own franchise, breaking off from it. The idea is that Marvel Phase 4 will see The Inhumans replace The Avengers and be the Marvel version of the mutants that Fox owns.

Everything could change if The Inhumans movie is not accepted by movie fans, but since Marvel has knocked everything else they tried out of the park, The Inhumans will likely be the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also might mark the end of The X-Men’s dominance in Marvel Comics.