While DC Comics has announced every moving on its slate from now until 2020, Marvel has always held off on announcing their movie lineup until they are ready and usually staggering them. Things changed today as Marvel has now announced their entire Marvel Phase 3 lineup and it will include both Marvel’s Civil War as well as the Infinity War.

Here is a look at Marvel’s upcoming movie slate as announced at the big Los Angeles Marvel announcement today. Ant-Man is not part of Marvel Phase 3 and is actually the final Phase 2 movie.

Marvel Phase 3

Captain America: Civil War, May 6, 2016

First of all, here is the good news. This is what is being referred to as the movie universe Civil War and will not be based on the comic book version. There is still supposed to be Tony Stark appearing in the movie in an antagonistic role, but it sounds like they may take interesting points from the comics but fix was didn’t work.

Marvel Phase 3

Doctor Strange, Nov. 4, 2016

Scott Derrickson is directing the movie but there was no confirmation on the Benedict Cumberbatch casting as Doctor Strange. From early rumors, this won’t be an origin story and Stephen Strange will have his powers when the movie begins.

Marvel Phase 3

Guardians of the Galaxy 2, May 5, 2017

James Gunn is back for more Guardians of the Galaxy awesomeness. The movie will have a subtitle, but they did not announce it yet.

Marvel Phase 3

Thor: Ragnarok, July 28, 2017

For those who don’t read the comics, Ragnarok is a great battle in Norse mythology that results in the death of many of the major Gods, including Odin, Thor, Loki, and more. Kevin Feige said that this movie picks up after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron and will change everything that follows this movie. Feige called this the “key movie” in Marvel Phase 3.

Marvel Phase 3

Black Panther, Nov. 3, 2017

Black Panther has been cast and the lead is Chadwick Bosman. According to Feige, seeds have already been planted in the Marvel Universe for this movie. Black Panther will also first appear, in costume, in Captain America: Civil War. This will beat DC Comics Cyborg to the punch for the first African-American led superhero movie. It will also introduce the nation of Wakanda to the movie world.

Marvel Phase 3

Captain Marvel, July 6, 2018

Captain Marvel will be Marvel’s first female led superhero movie. Feige said that Black Widow will remain just in the Avengers movies, but there are big plans for her over the future. This will be Carol Danvers character and they will find a writer and director before they start casting for the role of Marvel.

Marvel Phase 3

The Inhumans, Nov. 2, 2018

The Inhumans will be Marvel’s 20th movie and will introduce dozens of new characters in the movie. These characters will have new powers and expand what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all about. Feige also said that he feels The Inhumans can spin-off a franchise all to itself. It also looks like the Inhumans social structure will be in place in this movie.

Marvel Phase 3

The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2, May 4, 2018 and May 3, 2019

I was worried that the two-part Avengers movies would be more Civil War nonsense, but Kevin Feige cleared that up today. The two-part Avengers movies in Marvel Phase 3 (the first with Iron Man and a new team and the second with the major players coming back) will be the Infinity War, which brings them into battle with Thanos after years of set up. These are the movies everything has been leading up to.