In this episode, Abraham (Headless) asks Henry to check his enchantment and make sure Katrina still can’t use her witchcraft in the cabin they have her in.  Henry takes it upon himself to cause trouble between his parents.  We also find out that Ichabod’s ex fiancé has been haunting Sleepy Hollow for the past 200 years.

Ichabod’s Weeping Ex 

When the Weeping Lady shows up, we figure it is Henry’s doing but we don’t know what she has to do with Ichabod and Katrina.  In the legend that Ichabod and Katrina dig up in the library, the Weeping Lady is a woman that drowned after being betrayed by her lover in the 1700s.  She was said to be seen crying by the water where she drowned, but didn’t harm anyone.  Suddenly she has been given flesh and has been going after people Ichabod cares about.  She killed a woman that had a crush on Ichabod.  He knew her because she helped with the colonial reenactments.  She adored how he always played the part even when the reenactment wasn’t going on.  The Weeping Lady also attacked Abbie in the library.  She dragged her through a portal in the floor to some body of water to drown her.  Ichabod was able to pull her back through and Hawley (who happened to be at the library too) gave her CPR to save her life.  She had a piece of the Weeping Lady’s cloth in her hand and Ichabod recognized it.  It belonged to a woman he was once promised to, Mary Wells.  He broke it off with her when she came to visit him.  She apparently had a jealous streak and assumed it had something to do with the woman he was talking to when she found him, Katrina.  At this point Katrina was still engaged to Abraham and that’s what Ichabod told Mary.  He got a note from her the next day apologizing and saying she was going back to London.  That was the last he heard from her.  Soon after the Weeping Lady tries to drown Katrina, we understand why Henry sent her.  It turns out that Mary confronted Katrina later that night.  They were standing near a cliff and she was so upset that while yelling at Katrina she got too close to the edge and fell.  When Katrina got to the bottom, she found her already dead on the ground.  She was the one who sent the note to Ichabod because she didn’t want him to blame himself for this.  She also knew he was a Witness and didn’t want him doing anything that would compromise his purpose like going back to England to bury her and explain to her family what happened.

Katrina ends up doing a spell to undo Henry’s magic and release Mary’s spirit.

Trouble with Ma and Pa

Henry’s little plan to cause trouble between Ichabod and Katrina worked.  Ichabod’s understanding was pushed to its limits with yet one more secret Katrina kept from him.  He went off on her about being his wife and keeping so many secrets from her like the fact that she is a witch, she was a spy for Washington, Mary died, he had a son, he was a Witness, and who knows what else.  He was seething with anger but before anything went further, Headless showed up to get Katrina back.  Katrina went back with him willingly again.  Ichabod struggles with all the secrets he has learned Katrina kept from him.  He doesn’t know how his marriage can last if there is no trust and honesty.  He tells Abbie that their loyalty must be to each other over everyone else going forward, as the two witnesses.

Moloch’s Plans for Katrina

Apparently Abraham is supposed to get Katrina to play some special role in Moloch’s devious plan to take over the world.  Since he also wants her for himself, he is hoping she’ll turn to his side willingly.  Whatever role Moloch has for Katrina, it must be pretty important.  When he found out the Weeping Lady almost drowned Katrina, he was extremely pissed at Henry and threw him around the cave some.  Henry said the Weeping Lady wasn’t supposed to harm Katrina and that he was just trying to please Moloch.  Moloch told him he was a soldier and his only job was just to obey.  Apparently Katrina is one of the Hellfire’s shards and is a chosen vessel (whatever that means).  I guess we have to wait for future episodes to understand what that is all about.  The episode ended with Henry sitting on the floor in his house crying his eyes out because he disappointed his surrogate daddy.

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