In this episode, we find out the whole story about the Doohans and the trigger of their Trouble.  Secrets are revealed between each of the switchers ranging from juicy to unfortunate.  Duke lets out a Trouble that reincarnates past lives, which brings a familiar face out of Mara.  Dave’s mysterious connection to time lost and the other world still mystifies us, but we continue to get small glimpses.  Everyone finally switches back to their old selves.

The Original Switchers

It turns out that Allison Doohan’s husband, Skip Doohan, and his brother, Jeffrey Doohan, switched bodies years ago.  Allison was okay with that because the original Skip was a liar and a cheating husband.  Jeffrey was actually in love with her which was the secret that caused the switch.  He confronted Skip and it triggered the switch.  All was well for Allison with Jeffrey as her husband.  They convinced Skip (inside of Jeffrey) that he lost his mind and took him to the Freddy, the Haven mental institution.  The consensus is that when Vince was in The Old Croatoan Café asking questions, Jeffrey heard him, panicked, and accidently triggered the switching Trouble.  Since the brothers are connected, it was triggered on Skip’s side in the Freddy as well.

Everyone hopes that by getting the two Doohan brothers back together they will all switch back.  Skip was reluctant at first but after helping pull Vince (inside of Dave) away from the “Thinnie” by his house, he had a change of heart.  Jeffrey did some changing of his own and understands that his past actions were wrong.  He doesn’t want vengeance which is good because at some point Mara was trying to influence him in that direction.  When the two brothers are finally reunited, they share a very emotional embrace and everyone switches back.

Funny Switches

I thought these passed two episode were kind of hilarious as I watched each actor try to portray the other.  It wasn’t as noticeable for the brothers, Vince & Dave, but the other four were pretty funny, especially Duke (Eric Balfour) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant).  I bet these were some fun episodes to shoot.  The two guys were trying to walk like their switched character.  Lucas Bryant was being much more animated in an effort to act like Duke and Eric Balfour was much stiffer in imitation of Nathan.  Their characters learned much more about each other than they wanted to know.  Nathan now knows first-hand that Duke goes commando.

Dwight was having a hard time getting used to Gloria’s bunions and heartburn, not to mention being in a woman’s body.  Jayne Eastwood (usually plays Gloria) did a good job imitating Dwight’s no-nonsense demeanor.  Even if they hadn’t switched, I think she’d make a pretty good Chief.

One random switch was a married couple.  The wife was in the middle of having an affair when they switched.  Imagine how violated the husband felt, on SO many levels.  The wife rushed home inside of her husband’s body and got attacked by her husband with her own body.  Talk about domestic problems.

Judge Duke Releases Reincarnation Trouble

While Nathan is inside of Duke, the overload of Troubles gets worse again.  Duke remembers that his grandfather killed someone with a reincarnation Trouble that brought out past lives.  He doesn’t believe he needs Mara to let out a Trouble since he released at least two of them on his own before Mara helped him.  While Mara (pretending to be Audrey, not knowing that Duke and Nathan know) helps investigate at the Freddy, Nathan (inside of Duke) leads her into Jeffrey’s room and Duke (inside of Nathan) locks them in. Nathan tries to let out the Trouble, but he’s not strong enough and the pain puts him on the ground.  Mara pulls that “damsel in distress act and some orderlies restrain Duke while she gets away, with his gun.  Duke and Nathan are locked in the room and the only way out is for Duke to convince police officer Rebecca that they switched bodies.  He reminds her of the game they played as Judge and District Attorney.  She’s convinced and lets them out.

They eventually recapture Mara since she was in Gloria’s car, which has GPS.  When Duke switches back into his body, he releases the reincarnation Trouble.  The last scene we see is a shocked Mara as a naked Audrey is being held by Nathan saying “thank you”.

I’m glad Audrey is out.  Part of me wondered if it was really Audrey at first since they didn’t exactly confirm it.   I thought it was possible that it could be Sarah or some other past personality.  But then I saw the preview of next week’s show and she was identifying herself as Audrey Parker.

Secrets Revealed

Now we know all of the secrets that allowed the switches.  Jeffrey Doohan was in love with Allison, his brother’s wife.  Nathan didn’t know that Duke and Audrey shared a kiss in Colorado.  Gloria had kept up with Dwight’s sister without his knowledge.  She found out that her bullet Trouble was triggered and she unfortunately died.  Dave mentioned that he was drawn through a “Thinnie” 30 years ago.   He didn’t mention that it was on the day of the last incident where time was lost, which was when the Colorado Kid (Audrey’s son from past life Sarah) died.  He also didn’t mention that when he woke up, the Colorado Kid was lying next to him dead.  He thinks he may have killed him.  During the trip back to Haven, Vince had a vision inside of Dave’s body.  He saw himself chasing someone.  He grabbed the screaming man’s face, black smoke came out of his eyes, and he fell to the ground.  The man had just scratched Croatoan on the tree.  If you know the story of the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island, you will recognize this word that keeps popping up.  It seems that Dave and the “Thinnie” may have something to do with those missing people in the 1500s.  According to Allison, in the true story, time was also lost during that incident.  Also, Allison recognized Agent Howard’s photo in Dave’s adoption files.  Ten years ago he wanted to buy her mother’s house but was refused.  I’m really interested in finding out what all of this means.

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