The one job you have when raising a daughter is keeping her off the pole, especially 2 poles…At the same time

Karen Grant (the first daughter) is passed out drunk at a party. Olivia and Quinn come to extract her from the party. It is a pure extraction in every sense of the word being that they get her out of the party via a helicopter. While on the helicopter ride home, Karen gets sent a video of her getting gangbanged by two guys. Olivia demands that Cyrus wake up Fitz to handle this situation.

Jake goes to Rosen to see if he is going to exposed B-13, Rosen feels that if he lets this information out it will create a sandstorm that will bring the citizens trust in the US government in jeopardy. Jakes asks Rosen for the files. Rosen declines at first. Jake rams Rosen’s head into the desk to coerce him into giving him the files.

Mellie thinks that Karen is home from school because she just wanted to see her parents. Fitz finally tells Mellie what happened as Mellie goes off at Fitz for seeing Olivia and he not telling her.

Quinn, Olivia and Karen try to figure out who Karen slept with and who could have made the video. Karen being such and incredible whore has no idea. After hours of going through every guy’s photo from the party. They finally nail it down to 4 guys, in which she remembers the guy because of a tattoo.

Eli has a word with agent Larson about taking out Jake. Directly after Larsen’s meeting with Eli. Jake tries to convince Larsen that Eli is planning to take them both out in order to cover his tracks. Larsen feels that he is not safe and that Jake can’t help him.

Quinn tracks down the kid (Bobby) that took the video. Olivia speaks with Bobby’s parents about handing over the tape and making sure that no other copies exist. The Morgans agree but want 2.5 million dollars for this favor.

Olivia tells Fitz the situation with the Morgans. In classic Fitz form, he tries to make Oliva his oval office whore. When Olivia tells Fitz that she didn’t leave the country alone. Fitz gets upset and tells her to pay the Morgan’s off. Olivia has the money ready for the Morgans, then they decide to get greedy and ask for another $500,000 making the offer a solid 3 million. Olivia tells the Morgans that she will bury them. Olivia intends to leak a story to the media that the Morgans help aid child pornograpy. Then they were going to blackmail the White House. Having no options left on the table the Morgans agree to a deal, leaving 2.5 million dollars on the table because of their greed.

Cyrus brings a man named Bigsby to Fitz from the inspector generals office. Bigsby is investigation a discrepancy in the logged dates of Tom Larsen. Larson was supposed to be on detail with the president but was not. Bigsby has reason to believe that Larson was at Fort Detrick a few days before the election.

Larson calls Jake to tell him that he is being investigated. Larson wants to leave the country. Jake convinces him not to as Eli will find him no matter where he goes. Jake tells Larsen to take a plea deal. Bigsby is questioning Larson about the dates when Eli comes into the room. Fitz rushes to the room to try and find out what happened. He wants to know if Larson killed his son. Jake is trying to get a word in with Fitz before he leaves. In a rush, Fitz doesn’t hear what Jake has to say. In the middle of the questioning Eli comes in to take over the interview of Larsen. Fitz and Cyrus are watching in a double sided window. Eli forces Larson to tell him who gave him the order to kill the president’s son. Hesitantly Larson tells Eli that Jake gave the order. Jake and Larson are detained by the secret service.

The Aftermath

Well what in the hell will Olivia do without Jake? I guess she will have no other choice but to jump Fitz’ bones and be his little whore for the rest of the season. Now maybe because it’s late or that I have a horrible memory but didn’t Jake put the hit out to kill Jerry? I mean what could he have possibly told Fitz about what Larson was going to say in order to save his own ass? We can all kiss Larson’s ass goodbye but what about Jake? I don’t think Olivia will be able to successfully bargain for Jake’s life this time. First Jake stole Fitz’ woman now his took his son. There is only so much a man can take. Being the president of the United States Jake’s body will be dumped in the Anacostia river by episode 6.