Where Did Bonnie And Damon Go?

Four months ago, Damon and Bonnie didn’t go anywhere. They technically stayed in Mystic Falls, but went back in time 20 years ago to May 10, 1994. There is no one else around. Damon gets into the pattern of making pancakes, dancing to music and drinking while Bonnie goes to her old house and Grams’ house to get her grimoire. She thinks she can teach herself magic again and get them out of there. But the next day they find out that they are reliving the same day over and over again. But when the crossword puzzle answer that Bonnie hasn’t able to solve for weeks ends up solved they know someone else is in there.

Erasing Damon

Last week Elena asked Alaric to erase her love for Damon away and this week we found out that he agreed to do it. They have to find the moment that Elena knew she loved him and then the rest of her memories would go away. She tells him about the first time she and Damon met on the road, but that isn’t the moment. She tells Alaric about the time he kissed her on the porch in season 3, The night he saved her from embarrassment at the Miss Mystic Falls Contest, and the night in the motel where she wanted to kiss him so badly and did.

They both get frustrated and Elena ends up calling Luke for more herbs and unpacks her Damon items she had gathered earlier in the episode. Alaric calls Caroline for help, who tells him he just has to get Elena to admit she fell in love with Damon while she was still with Stefan. Alaric handled this great and told her that you can fall in love with more than one person in your life. Elena remembers the moment. It was at her 18th birthday party in the season 3 premiere. Damon had given her the necklace that Stefan had given her and she knew how much it had to have hurt him. And she loved him even though it scared her.

Alaric tells Elena that Damon never came into the room and never gave her the necklace. The party sucked and she spent the night watching movies with Jeremy. She remembers Damon snapping Jeremy’s neck. When Alaric asks her who Damon was she says he was Stefan’s brother, a monster who died.

Finding Stefan

While Alaric was erasing Damon, Caroline and Enzo go to find Stefan. Enzo found some information about a coven of witches in New Orleans that found a way to communicate with dead people. They interrupt Stefan and his new girl Ivy’s date night.

Enzo gets pretty fed up of Stefan acting like everything is fine and stabs his hand. Caroline leads Ivy away while the boys fight ending with Stefan being stabbed in the neck and Enzo mad that Stefan had given up on Damon which resulted in Enzo getting his head snapped. After Stefan hears Caroline telling Alaric that Elena fell for Damon when she was with Stefan he doesn’t seem to care. Caroline wants to know why he doesn’t. He tells her that he spent 2 months searching for a way to bring Damon back and he has given up. She is also mad that he never returned her calls and she reazlies that he never listened to them. To sum that up she calls him a dick and cries in her car.

Enzo returns to the car and sees Caroline weeping. He goes back to Stefan and snaps Ivy’s neck. He tells Stefan that he is going to make him suffer and then snaps Stefan’s neck.

Mystic Falls

Not much happened in Mystic Falls this week. Jeremy is paying for Bonnie’s cell phone so he can leave her messages ranting about how he is hurt that she said goodbye over the phone. Matt kicks the new girl that Elena attacked out after finding out that she stole a car. She claims she has a father she never met in Mystic Falls.

The episode ends with Thomas Vincent Fell, a member of the founding family fell, driving a van filled with vampires into Mystic Falls burning them.