No Escape

Elsa was making sure that no one was leaving Storybrooke until she got Anna back so she put up a huge ice barrier around the town. The power went out in Storybrooke which caused Charming, Emma and Hook to figure out what happened. Emma went inside the ice and found Elsa. She told her that she would help her find Anna, but Elsa freaked and made the barrier worse trapping Emma inside.

Little Bo Peep

We go back to follow Anna and she has arrived at Misthaven aka Enchanted Forest at the doorstep of Charming. Despite trying to hide her identity, he knows she is Kristoff’s fiance. Little Bo Peep showed up and branded Charming and his mother until they paid off their debt to her or she would take the farm. Charming was ready to give in, but Anna wanted him to fight. Later, Anna is taken by Little Bo Peep and branded prompting Charming to fight for his farm. He went into Peep’s farm where Anna attacked him before realizing who it was. He thanked her for saving him from a life he didn’t want anymore. Anna left Charming’s farm and headed to see Rumplestiltskin.

Find Anna

Hook and Charming try to get through the ice, but Elsa wasn’t letting anyone in or out until they found Anna. Emma and Elsa were trapped inside while Emma was slowly freezing. Emma realized that Elsa couldn’t control her powers. She shared that she had powers she couldn’t control either, but the cold prevented her from showing Elsa.

Meanwhile, Charming and Hook went to Gold’s shop to find out information regarding Anna’s necklace that Elsa found last week. Charming realized that he knew who Anna was and went to the butcher shop to find Bo Peep. He grabbed her crook to find Anna. They got word from Elsa that Emma was freezing to death. Charming told Elsa to save Emma and that he knew Anna and she had saved him. He wanted Elsa to do the same for Emma. And it worked! Emma fell into Hook’s arms. Charming promised to find Anna because he owed her everything.

They use Bo Peep’s crook to find Anna and while they don’t see her they do hear her heartbeat which means she is alive.

Another Ice Queen

Elsa and Emma went to the ice barrier to take it down, but she was unable to. Then we went over to an ice cream shop and the owner made ice cream from her ice powers. Elsa isn’t the only one.