Lizzie is asleep when a bearded Tom enters her hotel room. Tom is trying to tell Lizzie not to trust Red. This falls on deaf ears as Tom has a gun pointed at her.  Lizzie asks Tom to put the gun down which he does. He tells her that Red is hiding things that happened in her childhood like the fire. Tom tells Lizzie that Red is coming after him as he knows his location. In true TV form. Red comes through the door and shoots Tom. Red asks Lizzie what does she want to know. Then Lizzie wakes up.

A man named Mr. Wyatt is met by another man. Mr. Wyatt has not held up his end of the bargain. Wyatt tries to plead for his life. The man tells Wyatt that this is not a negotiation. He then tries to kill Mr. Wyatt. Wyatt runs away from the scene. Running frantically he is almost hit by a van. Wyatt asks the driver for help. The man driving the van sticks a needle in Wyatt’s neck to sedate him. Wyatt is taken to a hospital like place where a procedure is done.

Wyatt is found in an alley by a police officer. Wyatt’s heart has been taken out of his chest.

The most dangerous person in the world is in Washington D.C. Lizzie. Guess what “WE” have to do…

Poor Lizzie thinks that this murder is some wild coincidence. Red tells her that this is the work of a Dr. James Covington. Covington was one of the top surgeons in the country before he got his license taken away for doing an unorthodox surgery. Red doesn’t know where Covington is. It is up to Lizzie to find out this information.

Red has a problem with one of his businesses. He talks to one of his associates named Nikko about going all in on a overseas deal. Nikko shares his doubt because it could bankrupt them. Red has his mind make up.

Aram finds that all the information that Red told to Lizzie was true. Aram tells Lizzie and Ressler that Dr. Covington is known for harvesting organs for profit. Lizzie and Ressler go to the widow of Mr. Wyatt. She tells them that people don’t exactly buy the organs, they rent them. She tells them that the organs are on loan for 500,000 dollars. This money must be paid to Dr. Covington each year or Covington becomes the worst indian giver ever.

Aram finds out how Covington acquires the organs. He has tracked a medical examiner (Gordon Albee) down. Gordon has been receiving over $250,000 (or was it $25,000) in payments into his bank account made by a charity. Lizzie and Ressler visit Gordon. Gordon blows them off fearing for his life. Lizzie asks Red for Mr. Kaplan. Lizzie has Kaplan dig up a few deceased bodies. These bodies are missing hearts, lungs and other sellable organs. With this information Lizzie and Ressler get Gordon to talk. He tells them that he doesn’t know who is buying the organs. He is just given a number to call. Lizzie sets up a sting where they give Gordon a pig’s heart (thinking that Covington is getting a human heart) in order to have Covington’s man pick it up. The plan works and Covington’s guy picks up the organ. Lizzie and Ressler track the man down who is fleeing using a motorcycle. They have a brief chase. The man calls Covington to tell him that they they have a problem. Covington is preparing his next patient. A guy that needs a heart named BB. Covington’s man on the bike, in an effort to get away from Ressler dashes through traffic. He gets plowed by a truck ruining good pig heart.

Of course Red knows BB. Red finds him stuffing his face at a bar. Red wants to know how to get in touch with Covington. BB has a number of Covington’s that should only be used in extreme emergencies. Since BB has not gotten his transplant he is not going to give Red the number. BB starts choking and grabbing his heart. Red tells him that he put penis stiffy pills in BB drinks. Red offerers to save BB if he gives him the number.

Apparently this tactic works as Aram tracks the phone of Covington’s down. Covington just so happens to be using the phone. Covington is discussing a organ he is going to repossess. Aram can’t get the exact location but pinned it down to a 5 mile radius. Lizzie and Ressler search the area. They magically find what seems like an abandoned building that has a secret basement.

Nikko tells Red that two of his other associates are having doubt. They were offered a deal by Berlin’s man named Mr. Vargas. Nikko tells Red that the other two have double crossed Red and took the deal. Red decides to confront these two. After they admit their wrongdoings. Red has them whisked away by two of Red’s goons.

Worst unit at a Children’s Hospital Ever

Back in the underground hospital. Resser and Lizzie find 2 children in hospital beds. They then go down the hall to find the parents of the kids. Lizzie walks a little further down the hall in which she locates Covington. Covington has another child on the table. Covington tells Lizzie that he is trying to save the kids life. Covington tells her that she is going to have to shoot him in order to stop him.

Nikko talks to Mr. Vargas. Nikko wants to work with Berlin. Nikko tells Vargas he will help him (Berlin and Vargas) but he needs Red dead. Vargas tells Nikko to set up a meeting. Vargas will handle the rest. Nikko sets up the meeting. In true idiot form Nikko starts smelling himself. Nikko tells Red that he is the one that is doing the double cross. Not the other two men. Nikko tells Red that this is going to be their last meeting as Red is going to die. Mr. Vargas shows up then points a gun toward Red. Red takes the gun from Vargas, then sits down to tell one of his old useless tales. Red then shoots Nikko as Vargas was on Red’s side all along.

What about the Children?

Back at the makeshift hospital, Covington tells Lizzie that this child will die if he doesn’t do the transplant. He tells her that yes he does help criminals and anyone else with money stay alive but he does it to help children. He tells her that transplanting adult hearts to kids is not allowed in the medical community but it works. Covington tells her this is why he lost his licence. Lizzie speaks to Ressler as what to do. She lets Covington do the transplant. Then ends up arresting him directly after.

The Analyst 

I was praying that the beginning of this episode was not a dream. Not because I wanted Tom dead but because I wanted answers about Lizzie and her past. Especially the fire that no one talks about. This show continues to reel us in by telling us nothing at the same time. I didn’t mention it in the recap but while leaving her hotel room Lizzie runs into a man and searches him. At the end of the episode Lizzie apologizes to the man. When the guy goes to his hotel room. He pulls out a sniper rifle. He doesn’t point it out to window or fully put it together. So now it leaves us wondering is this guy waiting on Lizzie or Red? Is he connected to Tom? What exactly is this guys deal?