This episode presents a lot of questions about who is on which side.  We know who intends to be good, but we don’t know if evil will sway some of them.  Abbie and Jenny learn more about Sheriff Reyes and her affiliation with their mother.  Henry is putting his plans in place and we’re still not sure what they are, but they seem to involve Frank Irving.  A single coin threatens to turn the town to darkness.

Funny Ichabod Stuff

It’s always funny seeing the present world through a very old-fashioned Ichabod’s eyes.  In this episode, he saw two men who were holding hands.  He asked Abbie if that was acceptable these days.  She went on about how attitudes have changed toward that subject and how some states are legalizing gay marriage.  Then Ichabod tells her he was referring to the men wearing hats indoors.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Henry put a coin into circulation that zones in on people’s darkness.  He started by giving it to a bank teller who immediately held up the bank by gun.  Abbie knew this woman to be kind and caring so she tried to talk her down.  Of course, Sheriff Reyes just goes ahead and shoots her.  The coin fell out of her hand and was picked up by a flower shop employee.  He soon builds a bomb that blows up the shop with his boss in it.

Abbie and Ichabod contact a friend of Jenny’s who knows about the coin.  Between him and their own research, they find out that the coin was part of a batch of 30 that Ichabod and other soldiers went after when they worked for Washington.  They thought it was just fake money that someone was trying to put in service.  Ichabod is now able to make sense of why a once good, respectable General went bad and turned traitor soon after they found the coins.  The General’s name was Benedict Arnold.  From Ichabod’s perspective, he was a good man up until this point. In sticking with the Bible ties of Sleepy Hollow, these coins can also be traced back to the 30 pieces of silver that Judas was paid to betray Jesus.

The coin ends up in the evidence room and since Henry is an attorney, he is able to get his hands on it and switch it with a quarter (which looks quite similar).  Jenny is doing the community service she was sentenced when Abbie got her out of jail (where she was recently put by Reyes).  She hears a coin drop near her and doesn’t realize Henry tossed it there.  It calls to her and she picks it up.  She decides to get revenge on Sheriff Reyes who she had just learned was responsible for her mother going to the psych ward, where she eventually committed suicide.  While Reyes is hunting, she doesn’t know that Jenny is hunting her.  Abbie is able to talk her down at the last minute and Jenny’s friend captures the coin in stained glass he took from the Church.  Apparently that’s the only way to keep it from working on you.  He takes off with the coin and apparently intends to find the other 29.  In consolation, he gives Ichabod some falsified identification he can present to Sheriff Reyes.  She had given him 24 hours to show her some identification since she was not able to find any proof of his existence in her research.

What is Henry Up To?

We still don’t know all of Henry’s plans but he is definitely up to something.  He is building a miniature model of Sleepy Hollow but we don’t know why.  He’s also playing the part of a lawyer which gives him access to police information and who knows what else.  As Frank Irving’s lawyer, he has banned Abbie and Ichabod from visiting Irving in the psych ward.  He is so cleverly evil.  He is able to carry out his plans in plain sight, right in Abbie’s and Ichabod’s faces.  Ichabod is smart too though.  He finds a way to talk to Irving.  He tells the front desk he is there to visit someone else and while he is playing games with that person, Irving walks in.  He quietly and briefly explains that Henry is the Horseman of War as well as his son.  Irving is just concerned about getting back to his family and that’s what Henry claims he’ll do.  Ichabod tells him that if Henry wants him out then he is probably safer inside.  We don’t yet know what Irving will do with this information, especially since he unwittingly signed that blood contract with Henry.

What’s the Deal with Sheriff Reyes?

I still say the crew should just break in the new Sheriff.  She is already getting on my nerves worse than Captain Irving did when he was in denial about Sleepy Hollow’s supernatural occurrences.  So far she’s sent Irving to the psych ward, arrested Jenny, and banned Ichabod.  However, there is still much to understand about Reyes.  We found out that she was responsible for sending Abbie’s mother to the psych word through her own testimony.  She compared Jenny to a dog while commenting on her stay in the psych ward just like her mother, which I thought was cruel.  But then it is pointed out that she had their mother sent to the psych ward instead of jail even though she kidnapped them.  And then she gives Abbie her mother’s records in secret.  Perhaps she has a heart after all.

The Lines of War Have Been Drawn

Ichabod mentions that the lines of war have been drawn, but it is not clear who is on which side.  Obviously Henry and Moloch are bad and Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny are good.  We don’t know about Irving since he signed that contract.  Will Henry have some kind of power over him?  We’re still learning about Sheriff Reyes.  Abbie points out that although Katrina is Ichabod’s wife, she can’t expect she will 100% go against her own son to help them.  She definitely has a good point. In the brief scenes we’ve seen of Katrina, she has indicated she hopes to find a way to reach her son.  Abraham thinks she is fooling herself, but Katrina points out that Henry could live anywhere but chose to live in the house where he was born, to be connected to her.  We watch Henry go through the rooms in the house and in a moment of emotion, he sets fire to the remnants of the bed he was born in.

Next week the Pied Piper shows up.  That should be interesting.

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