Seven Contestants remain, and this week they are led to a high school to get the news on their Spotlight Challenge. This round they are tasked with making a teenage fantasy creature.

The Assignments

Goblin Nerd- Dina

Cyclops Cheerleader- Sasha

Minotaur Emo Kid- Stella

Faun Cheerleader- Rachael

Minotaur Nerd- Cig

Goblin Jock- George

Faun Emo Kid- Drew


The crew sketch and share stories of their high school days. Drew reveals that he teaches at the Tom Savini school of makeup, which makes me wonder his fate if he doesn’t win.

Day One, things go smoothly, with very little criticism from Michael Westmore, except for Sasha’s Cyclops, which has several eyes instead of just one. She takes his advice and reworks the sculpt she had started

Day Two, Sasha jumps in, hoping to mold her cowl and face prosthetics in 2 hours. Stella decides that her Minotaur looks too thin and goes back to sculpting, adding girth. Reworking her sculpture puts her behind, not getting to molding until late in the day.

Day Three, Stella finds that her prosthetics are filled with pock marks, and has to fixure out how to fill the holes. Rachael worries that her Faun Cheerleader is too subtle compared with the other Contestant’s. George thinks he’s gone down the wrong path, and prays someone else has made bigger mistakes than he has. In last looks Rachael has to take the horns out of her design, creating an unfinished looking character.


The Judges are disappointed by Sasha’s Cyclops, which looks more like an alien than a cylops, still having too many eyes. George and Rachael also get poor marks.


  • Dina
  • Sasha
  • Stella
  • Drew
  • Cig
  • George

Winner: Drew

Voted Off: Rachael

There were few surprises this week, Rachael deserved to be sent home, and Drew’s work was on par with Cig’s. Personally I would have liked to see Cig win this round, his make up techniques trumped Drew’s work, but I think the Judges wanted to throw Drew a bone and give him a win. Only 6 left, I’m excited to see what the next themes will be, and predict the win coming down to Cig, Sasha, and Stella.