The week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD starts will Lance Hunter still stuck in the turned over truck. May comes along to try and get him out, but Hunter rejects May’s help and tells her to go after Creel, who still has the obelisk. May gives Hunter the same spray that can cut metal that Nick Fury used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Hunter gets free, but as soon as he steps out of the truck, the military takes him into custody.

Mac talks to Fitz in order to work on a solution to fix the cloaking device on the BUS. Fitz is still trying to process common thoughts while he and imaginary Simmons are speaking. Fitz feels that everyone is closing themselves off to him and feels alone. Meanwhile, Skye wants to go out in the field with May but Coulson disagrees, keeping her at HQ.

Hunter is dumped in the middle of nowhere and General Talbot shows up and picks him up in a chopper. Talbot wants Hunter to turn on Coulson, so that Talbot can capture him. Hunter wants $2 million and a proper burial for Izzy in exchange for this operation. Talbot agrees to Hunter’s terms. Talbot said that he has a senator with deep pockets who will pay Hunter’s asking price.

Not The Absorbing Man 

Creel is feeling the effects of the obelisk. Creel has a growing silver piece sticking out of his forearm from the obelisk. Creel calls his handler to let him know what is going wrong. The handler tells Creel that he will be fine and that Hydra will take care of him like they always have. Creel goes to a restaurant in order to make the exchange. While waiting, a waitress brings Creel a glass of water. When she bends over the table to give him the glass, a shock comes over her body. She feels that it’s just static electricity and no big deal. She walks away from the table. After about five feet she falls to the ground. The waitress’ arm turn silver. The rest of her turns sliver then she dies. May is outside keeping tabs on Creel. When May hears the screaming she rushes into the restaurant. Creel is gone. May somehow catches up  with him. May has a clean shot at Creel. She asks Coulson how should she proceed? Coulson tells her to stand down. Coulson wants to know who Creel reports too.

Rena finds Creel and offers to help him. She gives him a piece of carbonate. Rena tells him that it is rare carbonate that is stronger than most metals and diamonds. Creel doesn’t want Rena’s help, but decides to take his lovely parting gift.

So what you tried to sell me out?

Hunter comes back to HQ. Triplett meets him outside, forces him to turn around and put his hands behind his back so he can take him to Coulson. Hunter tells Coulson about Talbot’s plan. Coulson still wants Hunter to go with the rest of the team to try and catch Creel. The team sets up at the park where the meeting is going to take place. Triplett is on the roof with a sniper rifle. Skye and May are in a van with icers. Once the meeting starts with Creel and his handler, Hunter shoots May and Skye with icer guns. Hunter then goes to where Triplett is and shoots him as well. Hunter takes Triplett’s sniper rifle. Hunter goes to the park to try and shoot Creel and take him by surprise. Hunter shoots and Creel notices. Creel turns into metal to deflect the oncoming bullet.

Creel chases after Hunter and the two begin to fight in a building. Just when it looks like Creel is going to kill Hunter, Coulson shows up and sticks something (the same thing that neutralized Creel) into Creel’s back. It takes him down. By the end, Agent Coulson turns him over to Talbot. Coulson tells Talbot to find a more secure place for Creel. When Talbot says that SHIELD isn’t strong enough to fight, Coulson shows Talbot their two cloaked Quinjets and they fly off with Talbot watching.

Back at HQ, Skye asks May is everything ok with Coulson. Skye says that he has been acting different. May tells Skye that Coulson is fine. May confronts Coulson about him going into the field and his other behavior. Coulson admits that he feels another episode coming on. Coulson says that it’s been 17 days and May says it’s 18. May tells Coulson to let go. Coulson takes of his tie and shoes. Grabs a knife and starts with the weird alien symbol drawing that he was doing a the end of last season.

After Credit Scene

Rena is looking at the obelisk in amazement and wonder. A man called The Doctor (Kyle MacLachlan) walks in and tells Rena to touch it. Rena hesitates, purely because life is better than death. Rena touches the obelisk. the obelisk start to light up in a golden hue. It also starts to show the patterns that Couslon has been drawing. The Doctor then tells Rena to bring him his daughter (Skye?).

Ok we got an extension of a supervillain but I still feel this sense of disappointment. Not that I am complaining, but it seems as if Skye’s role is getting lesser. Even though Fitz is still talking to Simmons in his mind, I do miss there back and forth love/hate banter. With SHIELD being down on agents I would rather see more scenes with one of the new guys Ace and late season arrival Triplett.