Once Upon A Time season 4 picks up right where Frozen left off. Anna is prepping for her impending wedding to Kristoff, but while Anna is trying on her wedding dress, Elsa finds her mother’s diary which alludes to the fact that their parents didn’t die on a diplomatic mission. It sank while en route to a place called Mist Haven where they were hoping to learn more about Elsa’s powers. Anna is determined to find out the truth and sets sail for Mist Haven.

Our World

Elsa is free from the gold vessel only to find herself not at home. Her first interaction with the people of Storybrooke is when Leroy and Sleepy are driving and scare her forcing her to freeze the car.

Rumpelstiltskin¬†is filled with guilt over lying to Belle, who thinks she has the one true Dark One’s Dagger. Emma is having a hard time opening up to Hook. And then there’s Regina who is forced to deal with the reappearance of Robin Hood’s wife, maid Marian in the finale.

Speaking of Marian is angry to find out that everyone has forgiven the Queen and is horrified to learn that her husband was dating her. Robin comes to Regina later to tell her that everything he felt was real, but he made a vow to Marian and must honor that.

Regina goes to the hospital where we find she has been holding Sidney Glass (Magic Mirror) as prisoner this whole time. Regina is sliding down her wicked slide again.

Leroy comes running around town screaming about how Storybrooke is under attack. Emma and Hook follow the ice trail and a scared Elsa conjures a familiar snow beast to stomp around town. Emma realizes that it is only attacking when it feels threatened. She is no match for it

The snow beast takes them on and wins until Regina shows up and firebombs the creature into nothing but harmless snow. Marian, the only one who wasn’t knocked out, sees Regina in a different light.

Regina originally planed to win Robin Hood back by going back in time and killing Marian before Emma could save her. But after saving Marian she decides the problem isn’t Marian; it’s the book. She wants to find who wrote the book and change everything.

It will be interesting to see how Regina’s story line moves along as well as more Frozen since the premiere was a little underwhelming that department.