In this episode, the Guard continues pursuing Mara, but Nathan is doing what he can to keep them from finding her.  He still hopes to bring Audrey back and thinks he may have found a way.  Duke is still coping with his loss of Jennifer as well as his reincarnated Trouble.  Duke and Dwight team up to try to help the person who owns this episode’s leading Trouble.

This Episode’s Leading Trouble

Duke’s friend Jodi comes to him desperate for money so she can get out of Haven with her daughter and baby.  Before she can explain her distress, it goes dark outside and two beams of blue light shoot out of her midriff.  They look like lasers as they sear through things in Duke’s bar and start mini fires.  She panics and takes off and he goes to her house to find out what’s going on.  As they bring out the body, Dwight tells Duke that Jodi’s sister is dead and her daughter has first degree burns on her arm.  Thankfully the baby is okay but was sent to the hospital to get checked out.

Every time Jodi is spotted, the number of beams shooting out of her grows.  Duke finds out from Jodi’s daughter that she has been having a tough time with her husband leaving and losing her job.  She also confesses that her mother may be at a warehouse.  Duke and Dwight find her there and she stresses out again so they have to dodge the fire-like laser beams as they rip through everything they touch.  When the medical examiner examined Jodi’s sister, she said it looked like the fatal wounds came from high powered amplified sunlight.  At first they thought her beams of light only came from the sun since it got darker outside.  But since it was night time at the warehouse when this was going on, Duke figured out it must be any light.  He and Dwight snuffed out the fire and any light around and Duke wrapped her in a thick coat.  It worked, but then she started to suffer.  It seemed like not having the light was draining her life.  She needs to absorb it to survive.  The episode ended before anything else happened with Jodi and her Trouble so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Duke and Dwight come up with.  It seems like there is more to the story that she hasn’t yet shared.  Dwight mentioned taking her somewhere she can be isolated and not hurt anyone.  Duke is worried for her life.

Nathan is still being Nathan

When two members of the Guard come across Nathan and a chained up Mara, he tricks them into thinking he’s going south to the fishing shack.  This buys them time as the Dwight has the Guard searching in the wrong direction for the two.  Nathan is convinced that Audrey is still in there somewhere and wants time to figure out how to bring her back.  He keeps in contact with Duke via e-mail and Duke tries to stall Dwight as long as he can.  Duke doesn’t believe Audrey is in there; he just wants Nathan to find some closure and let her go.

Nathan takes Mara to his dad’s cabin.  He has taken Audrey here before when William first came into town, so Mara has those memories.  At first the two go back and forth taunting and pushing each other’s buttons.  She points out that his love for Audrey is what let her out with him shooting Agent Howard and destroying the barn.  She tries to put doubts in his mind about Audrey loving him as much as he loves her.  Nathan fights back by talking about her love for William and saying it seems like she cares more about the aether and Troubles.  He asks her if she is incapable of love which seems to strike a nerve.

When he gets close enough to her, she tries to play seducer and his attraction to her along with being able to feel her gets the best of him and they start kissing.  He eventually breaks away but not for her lack of trying to get him to do more.  When she falls asleep, he starts talking to her as Audrey and Audrey suddenly wakes up.  She tells him she is still in there and not to give up on her.  She tells him to keep talking to her as Audrey even when Mara comes back.  From then on, Nathan only addresses her as Audrey which really aggravates Mara.  She appears not to remember the times when Audrey comes through but I am not convinced.  You have to wonder if Audrey is really coming through or if this is just some clever trick by Mara so she can poke fun at Nathan’s vulnerabilities.  Nathan cooks breakfast and starts dancing with Mara, still addressing her as Audrey or “Parker” as he usually calls her.  He starts tickling her and Audrey comes through again, telling him that it’s working and begging him not to let her die inside of Mara.  She also says to keep her in that cabin.  She tries to tell him that Mara has a black goo ball in her coat but struggles to get the words out.  Before she is able to, Duke comes in and Mara is instantly back.  Duke is upset because all he sees is Mara in Nathan’s arms.  He tells Nathan he came there because he couldn’t stall any longer.  He actually told Dwight that he would bring them back.  Nathan tries to explain to Duke his plan but Duke is not exactly hearing it.

Duke’s Reincarnated Troubles

Duke is back to coughing up blood and Mara gives him a curious and excited look, asking if his head is going to pop off.  [She’s kind of funny if you bypass the morbid part of her personality.]  The last time he felt better was when he released that “see/speak/hear no evil” Trouble.  Mara claims she can guide him to releasing another Trouble to help lighten the load.  Of course Nathan and Duke are very skeptical at the idea of her helping them to release a Trouble.  She says it will be an easy one that they can manage.  She needs a list of all the Troubles the Crocker’s have wiped out.  Duke’s grandfather’s book with all the names is buried with Wade, Duke’s brother.  Seeing how quickly Duke is unraveling, Nathan hesitantly goes to find it.  While he’s gone, Mara tries her tricks on Duke.  She flashes back to the kiss he shared with Audrey and tries to use that to her advantage.  She tells Duke that he has darkness inside of him not connected with the Troubles and tries to imply that maybe part of Audrey kissing him was her.  She gets very close to Duke but he doesn’t fall for her seductions.   She ends up explaining how she will help him feel better.  Once they pick a Trouble, her touch will guide him to releasing it.  Then he will bleed on the floor and not absorb it back.  Nathan still hasn’t gotten back but Duke is getting worse by the minute.  He tells Mara to go ahead and do it.  Of course, right at that moment, Dwight finds them and busts in the door.  I guess we will have to wait until next week to see if Duke gets worse or if they let Mara help him, and if Mara really helps or makes things worse.

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