The second episode of Season 5 feels much like a continuation of the premiere.  Okay, so they’re all continuations of each other, but you know what I mean.  More of the same is happening with a couple more secrets peeking out at us.  Duke is still searching for Jennifer, Mara is still proving her ruthlessness, and Dave is still in the hospital.  In other news, the Guard gets a new leader.

Leading Trouble

The “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil” Trouble is still running the show.  Unfortunately, some of Reverend Driscoll’s crew found out that the Barrow family had such a trouble and they began terrorizing the family.  Vince was supposed to order someone to protect the family but he was distracted with Dave still being in the hospital.  This led to Henry Barrow getting beaten up.

Only the inner circle knows that Duke is actually the one dishing out this trouble.  More and more people are getting their eyes, mouths, and ears sewn up.  Dwight finds out from an older living member of the Barrow family that the trouble was triggered by someone saying anything bad (or speaking evil) about the Barrow family.  Basically, if you did not have good news for them then don’t speak at all or risk being sewn up.  This makes sense when thinking about the people Duke has come in contact with as he tries to find Jennifer.  Even members of the coast guard ended up getting sewn.

Probably the saddest part of the episode was when Jennifer finally makes her first appearance of the season… the morgue.  She washed up on shore and it was determined that she was gone before she went into the water.  Nathan volunteered to be the person to tell Duke, hoping that their long-time relationship would make him less likely to get sewn up when he delivers that bad news about Jennifer.  When he breaks the news, Duke is first in disbelief and Nathan’s eyes, then ears get sewn.  He continues trying to reason with Duke, mentioning that Jennifer was not breathing when they last saw her.  Duke’s temper flares and Nathan’s mouth gets sewn.  Seeing him struggle to breath, Duke finally pulls it together.  As memories of Jennifer flash through Duke’s mind, he drops her scarf into the water, as a symbol of him giving in to the truth and letting her go.  Nathan immediately gets unsewn.

Dave, Vince, and the Guard

Dave is awake, but still in the hospital.  Vince spent the whole episode being preoccupied with him and the Guard got tired of waiting for him to do his job as their leader.  They kept going to Dwight asking why nothing was being done about the troubles or the Barrow family.  People are also starting to wonder about “Audrey”.  Mara killed another person this episode with a pencil to the eye.  The fed up guard wanted someone to take charge so they approached Vince in Dave’s hospital room and decided to put Dwight in charge.  Vince reminded Dwight that he was born with that tattoo.  Dwight said he chose his and then he chose to be the new leader of the Guard.  Vince did not put up much of a fight outside of asking if that’s what Dwight wanted to do.  It makes one wonder what all Vince knows that these inpatient people will find out the hard way.  Vince was basically being accused of only caring about his brother and not doing what needs to be done for the town.  He didn’t tell Dwight about Mara being the one to start the troubles which didn’t go over well with Dwight.  He also went to the station and requested some camera footage.   A Guard member policeman gave it to him since he was head of the Guard, but he wanted to know why Vince wanted it.  Vince refused to explain so the policeman told Dwight about it.  He ended up being one of the crowd that supported Dwight taking over the Guard.  Also part of the crowd was Henry Barrow’s mother, who is upset that Henry may never walk again.  Dwight has told them all about Mara.

Vince showed Dave the footage.  It was of the lighthouse area.  It showed a time stamp of when they got there and when the lighthouse collapsed.  It was almost an hour time frame but Vince remembers only being in the cave for five to ten minutes.  That is one mystery I’ll be looking forward to understanding.  Also, Vince asked Dave about when he went through the door.  This is something even Vince didn’t know about until Dave mentioned it in the Season 4 finale.  Dave said that in 1983, he was on a beach and was drawn into the door.  He doesn’t remember what happened after that but when he woke up on the beach, he had several odd bruises on his body.  He has those same bruises on his body again and believes that whatever was behind the door, was in the cave with them.  This story is what prompted Vince to get the footage in the first place.

Other Noteworthy Stuff

So far this season, Dwight has been the “voice of reason”.  Everyone else has been preoccupied with their emotional distress over Jennifer, Dave, and Audrey.  Dwight has been trying to get each of them to help him resolve the current problems.  Duke is preoccupied with finding Jennifer.  Vince is preoccupied with Dave being in the hospital and understanding what secrets he holds.  All three of them are protective of Audrey, even though it was Audrey in Mara’s body, not the other way around.  Mara is causing the problem and they need to end it anyway they can from Dwight’s perspective.  There is a point when Nathan seems to finally see Dwight’s side of things and he volunteers to help bring Mara down.


Mara is still trying to find a way to open a thin spot.  She has Vickie draw the trees in the woods where a thin spot is (Vickie can make things happen with her drawings).  She tears the drawing hoping that will tear open the door but it still doesn’t allow her through.  She decides to get some of the black goo that is in the morgue to make a trouble that will help her.  Nathan ends up getting the black goo first and offers to give her one if she promises to leave town.  He’ll even let her trouble him.  They meet in the woods and Mara, of course, has no intention of leaving town.  She plans to give Nathan a trouble that will make him a battering ram to get the door open, even if it kills him.  Vickie is hiding in the truck sketching the area and although Mara catches her and slams her hand in the door, Nathan manages to use the sketch to knock Mara out with a branch.  He hand cuffs her and calls Dwight to come get her.  While she is knocked out, he starts tearing up as he can’t help but to see her face as Audrey’s.  He leans in to kiss her and she wakes up, but talks to him as Audrey (if we can believe she is Audrey).  She tells him she is still in there and it feels like Mara is crushing her.  She quickly fades and Mara comes back, yelling at Nathan to get away and calling him a perve.  Nathan being Nathan, closes the door with her still in the truck and drives off before the Guard gets there to retrieve her.  I suppose that man will never give up on Audrey.

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