MTV had a chance to catch up with Rodriguez while doing press interviews at this year’s Sundance. What will surprise most people is his stance on the new Star Wars universe that is currently in development by Disney. When asked about the  future of the franchise, the director expressed major enthusiasm for the potential of an expanse universe with multiple spin-offs.

“I don’t mind them doing more Star Wars. I also like the whole idea of them doing off-shoot films, like you just have a Boba Fett movie over here. There’s so much you can do. George has built such an enormous world that just to be waiting now again, who’s going to live up that? It’s almost like they should just branch it out, and let people play with those characters. There’s such rich stuff.”

It was recently rumored that Zack Snyder would be developing a Star Wars spin-off inspired by the classic film Seven Samurai.  MTV asked if he would consider handling an off-shoot of the galactic universe as well. Rodriguez seemed less excited about the idea of taking on the beloved property.

“I don’t know. It depends on what it was. George [Lucas] really inspired me to do what I’m doing now, which is the same thing he did. He originally wanted and couldn’t get the rights to Flash Gordon. He tried, couldn’t get it, so he went and wrote Star Wars, which was his complete take on Flash Gordon, even to the opening titles crawl that went that way…. I think if I asked [Lucas] for advice, he would say ‘Go make your own Star Wars universe, kid.'”

As much as I love Rodriguez as a director, I have to agree with his stance on not placing his fingerprint on future entries. His style is not a great match for the universe. However, he did express interest on one specific character that could potentially mold well for him.

“If there was something that somebody said, ‘Here, Han Solo, his own adventures.’ I’d go do that.”

Rodriguez’s experience with films such as the El Mariachi Trilogy may actually work to his benefit for a Han Solo film. All three of those movies did have  unique Western-Lone gunman vibes. What do you think? Would you like to see Robert Rodriguez direct a Han Solo film?

Source: MTV