WWE superstar Batista filmed Guardians of the Galaxy and then re-signed with the WWE to start his farewell run with the company. His entire return was a disaster as the WWE pushed him immediately into winning the Royal Rumble and getting the WWE title shot at Wrestlemania. Fans turned on him and CM Punk quit because of it.

Batista ended up doing the right thing – ie. the job to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. However, he left two months later, as per his contract, to start promoting Guardians of the Galaxy. He was supposed to return after that, around the time of SummerSlam. He didn’t show back up and now PW Mania reported that Batista might not come back to the WWE at all.

The reason is because Marvel just reworked Batista’s contract and it sounds like he has signed on for two more movies for Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and The Avengers 3. the word is that Batista will have a significant role in Avengers 3.

This tells me that they are going with the rumored Infinity Gauntlet storyline for Avengers 3, since Drax played a big role in that where Thanos gathered all the Infinity gems and tried to conquer the world.

The reason for Batista to not return to the WWE is because Marvel and Disney are wary about injuries. When The Rock was making Hercules, he was hurt at Wrestlemania 29 and that caused shooting of Hercules to get postponed. Marvel is a well oiled machine and won’t put up with that, so Batista’s WWE career might have ended.

Source: PW Mania