The Aftermath of Last Week’s Failed Plan

Creatures of the Night opened where last week’s episode ended, Abraham and the CDC group in the subway tunnel after shooting Thomas Eichorst in the leg and watching him escape. That entire plan last week looked ridiculous, but it turns out Abraham had ulterior motives. It looks like Abraham is using the attack on Eichorst as a way to make him angry to hopefully lure out The Master. Sadly for the team, this plan almost causes all their deaths in this episode. All the newly turned vampires move in unison to the wishes of The Master, so he just sends them to take care of his dirty business.

Abraham and Vasiliy Fet

Before the meat of this episode starts, there is one pit stop where Abraham and the CDC team finally meet the man who might be their greatest ally – Vasiliy Fet. After breaking into a closed medical supply center to steal some UVC lights to use as a useful weapon against the vampires, they find that Fet beat them to it and isn’t willing to give up his weapons.

While the CDC group didn’t like him, Abraham takes an immediate liking to the exterminator. While it seems like convincing the CDC team to do anything is like pulling teeth, Vet realizes how wise Abraham is and becomes almost a student to him instantly. He ends up being the strongest weapon the survivors have when they end up under siege at the gas station.

The Siege at the Gas Station

That leads to what dominated the rest of the episode – and maybe the best moment of the entire season so far. Anyone who tuned into “The Strain,” hoping to see some real horror, received that in spades with Creatures of the Night. While I want to see more of the vampire commandos from last week, this siege at the gas station stole the show and made their absence unnoticeable.

The CDC, Abraham and Fet all went to a gas station to find supplies when they realized that there were a lot of vampires coming out into the open and onto the streets. While there, they met the hacker girl Dutch who shut down the computers and phone lines in New York City, something that seemed like too much of a coincidence, but it allowed a number of the major players to hook up together.

After way too many people refused to believe the danger as it happened in front of them, and then dying as a result, the group buckled down and developed a plan that allowed them to escape and ride off together. It was a fantastic moment on the show and something the horror fans had been waiting on. It also showed how valuable Fet was to the group and hopefully there is more action with Fet and Abraham on The Strain than there is with Eph down the line.

Jim Kent Meets his End

However, not everyone made it out alive. The biggest name actor on the show met his demise in this episode as Jim Kent (Sean Astin) was infected by a vampire and ends up with worms in him. Last week, it seemed harsh when the militant vampires shot the girl in the head after she was cut, but Jim showed what could have resulted. It started out gruesomely when Eph and Nora noticed a worm in Jim’s face and used a box cutter to save his life.

Sadly, the relief didn’t last. As the group was preparing to try to escape, they realized the worm had already given birth to more and there were many of them inside Jim’s body. He begs to die, but Eph and Nora refuse, despite Abraham telling them they had no choice. Jim begged for them to save his soul and then Fet stepped up and shot him in the head, killing him. It was a huge moment and proved that none of the survivors on “The Strain” are safe.