Eph Saves His Son

The show starts out with Zach arriving home to find his mother is not home and his house has been ravaged. He calls out for his mom or her boyfriend Matt and is shocked when Matt shows up, as a vampire, and attacks him. Matt, of course, was changed at work and finally made his way home to get Zach and his mom Kelly. Thankfully, just when Matt was about to kill Zach, Eph shows up and attacks.

This was a great moment. Matt has treated Eph really bad since the pilot episode and refused to listen to anything he has said. One of the biggest themes on The Strain is that people who don’t believe die and that happened here as Eph smashed Matt’s head to pieces and then lopped it off. It was awesome.

Eph and Nora stick around the house to clean up and wait to see if Kelly returns, dead or alive. He sends Zach with Abraham for safety and then, for absolutely no reason, has sex with Nora on Kelly’s bed. It was just an awkward scene that really threw off the episode. The only funny moment was when one of Kelly’s friends shows up and catches them in the bed.

Eph is seriously one of the worst characters on the show. It was also horrible of him when he told Kelly’s friend that he still loves his ex-wife and wants her to be alive – in front of Nora – after having sex with her in Kelly’s bed. Eph is a dick.

Abraham and the Concentration Camp

The story flashes back to the concentration camp and we see what might be the final meeting between Abraham Setrakian and Thomas Eichorst. The flashbacks here had very little meat but we saw the first face-to-face meeting between The Master and Abraham, which ended with Abraham getting his fingers broken. Abraham was also put in front of a firing squad but was saved when Allied forces stormed the camp and he raced into the woods.

The episode also ended with a flashback from Eichorst’s point of view. In this one, Thomas is running after the Allied forces stormed the camp and he heads to an underground bunker where the casket happens to be. He asks The Master why he has been forsaken and then The Master shows up, reveals his face to us for the first time, and Eichorst volunteers his arm to take a worm and become a new vampire.

Dutch Reveals Her Secret

In a very quick scene at the pawn shop, Abraham and the hacker Dutch have a small conversation and Dutch admits to Abraham that she was hired by Eldritch Palmer to shut down the computer and cell phone reception. Abraham thanks her for her honesty and now knows who the human helping The Master is.

Gus Is On The Move

The biggest problem with The Strain is that there are way too many characters up front. This means that a number of important characters are left on the wayside for episodes on end. However, Gus has seen his screen time start to increase recently. In this episode, he is on his way to prison when his close friend Felix (Pedro Miguel Arce) finally gives in and becomes a vampire. Felix causes the police transport to crash, Gus kills his friend and then runs off into the night. His alignment in the story should be revealed very soon as he should be meeting up with the vamp commandos very soon.