Jessica, Bill & Hoyt

Jessica tells Bill that she doesn’t want him to die, but she will be fine. Bill asks Hoyt if he plans to ask Jessica to marry her. Hoyt says yes. Jessica is upset, and tells Bill that it’s not the way she wanted to be asked, that Hoyt doesn’t know her well enough. He says that love can happen in an instant. That he didnt get to give his human daughter away, and that he doesn’t know how long he has, but he wants to know that Jess is spoken for before he dies. She asks for a hug. Then she says that she is going to ask Hoyt if they could be married today.

Hoyt asks Jason to be his best man. Jessica asks if Sookie to loan her a dress to be married in. During the wedding Sookie hears Bill’s thoughts for the first time, apparently a phenomenon brought on by the advanced stage of Hep-v. He thinks about how much pain he is in, and that he has to hold is together for Jessica.. He also thinks that he loves Sookie, and he wants to die so she can live, prompting her to grab his hand.

Bill leaves his house to Andy in his will, and asks him to lease it to Jessica and Hoyt for a dollar a month, he agrees.

Eric, Pam & The Yakuza

After the head of the True Blood Corp. and the yakuza have left the basement, Pam and Eric use a tunnel to escape, but before they go, they Glamour Sarah Newlin into being paranoid and terrified. They tell her that the whole world are out to kill her, and they are the only ones she can trust. Pam then feeds her her blood so that she can always find her, then tells her to go hide while she and Eric go and kill the Yakuza.

They confront the head of the Corporation, who asks how they got free. Eric points to the tunnel, prompting him to order the Yakuza to kill them while he tries to flee down it. They kill the Yakuza, and light a fire in the tunnel, which apparently Eric had laced with gasoline, and he dies in a ball of flame.  Eric then goes and kills the rest of the Yakuza before they even get to Sookie’s door. Easy Peasy, and a completely abrupt and unsatisfying ending to that story line.

Sarah & Pam

Sarah hides out in an amusement park carousel, eating garbage, when Pam finds her. She tells Pam that that’s where Eric turned Willa. She asks Pam to turn her into a vampire. Pam refuses. She promises to be a lesbian for Pam if she does it. She mistakenly brings up Tara, which pisses Pam off. She says that she wouldn’t go down on Sarah for a million dollars, all she wants is her blood. Then feeds on her.

Bill & Sookie

Bill tells Sookie that he’s committing suicide because he loves her too much to live. He wants her to have a full live with kids. Then asks her to kill him with her fairy light, killing 2 birds with one stone, since the blast would end her fairy powers and his life. She says she’ll think about it.

During that day she reminisces about her childhood, when her Gran said that she could be anything she wants and have any kind of life that she wants, as long as she doesn’t put limits on herself.

Sookie visits the reverend, asking his advice. She admits to being a fairy and asks him if she’s sinning against god to give up her fairy powers. He says yes, that she is as God made her, but he also thinks that it’s okay. He wouldn’t have given us a mind if he didn’t want us to use it, along with free will. She then tells him that he can say in his sermon that help is on its way, that it will all be over soon. She just knows it. I’m not sure if this line was supposed to be reassuring, but as a viewer, it came off as strange and the wording foreboding. It would have made more sense to say that he can tell the towns people that everything would be all right.

She then calls Bill and says that she will meet him at the cemetery at sundown. When he arrives she tells him that she doesn’t want to do this, he replies, “I know you don’t.”  They kiss, he says thank you. He then crawls down into his grave, opens his coffin and finds a photo of himself and his daughter inside. She says. “You might want to get in before I lose my nerve.” He says that he’s ready, and she says she will never forget him. She then forms her ball of fairy light. She stares at the light and says she didn’t realize what she would be giving up until then, that this is who she is. That he’s a part of who she is, as is the fairy in her, but she can’t do it for him that way. She asks if he still wants to die, and he replies, “Please.” She then breaks a shovel into two to make a stake, and straddles him in his coffin and says, “I love you Bill Compton.” He says I love you too, then she kisses him and with his help drives the stake through his heart.  Vampire Bill bursts in a bloody bubble. She sits in the mess in his coffin, covered in blood and cries. Then she climbs free and closes the lid, and pulls herself out of the grave. She pushes the dirt into it with her hands, and walks away.

One year Later

A year later, Eric and Pam are making an infomercial for New Blood. In it they say that though Sarah Newlin escaped their grasp, that with a small amount of Sarah’s blood they retrieved from when she escaped, they synthesized the cure for hep-v, and that New Blood is the answer to the vampire world’s woes.

Three Years later

New Blood is a success, they open trading on the stock market.

At Fangtasia, Pam and Eric are charging 100 grand for one minute of sucking Sarah Newlin’s blood to vamps, as she’s tethered from the ceiling. When Sarah’s alone, she sees the ghost of Steve Newlin, who torments her. He Says that he will be there to haunt her everyday for the rest of her life.

The End

Fast forward to Thanksgiving of that year. Sookie is pregnant, Jason has several children with Bridget. Sam and his family and all of Sookie’s friends in Bon Temps are there for dinner. They don’t show the face of Sookie’s husband.

Though there were a few continuity errors (like Bill & Jessica being able to be awake in the day for her wedding), I can say that I don’t think it was bad. I was pretty shocked that Bill and Sookie ended that way though. I was expecting a last minute save, and thought for sure that the posters were implying a vampire life for Sookie, but am pretty glad that they didn’t go that route. It still seems somehow unsatisfying. The Yakuza story line ending the way it did seemed like it was a waste of time for the whole season. I will take mildly unsatisfying over another ending like Dexter any day though. At least the characters in True Blood didn’t betray the people they were in every episode that came before the finale. Hallelujah to that.

So fans, what did you think of the series end?