Eichorst Calls on Gus and Jim Again

This week’s episode of The Strain opens with Thomas Eichorst feeding on a chained up man. It was a strange scene and included an ominous warning that Eichorst needs the man to help sustain him for a few more years before the world was overrun. Soon after that, Eichorst summons Gus and gives him instructions for another favor, this time to dispose of the pilot’s body. Eichorst also calls in another favor from Jim Kent, and it looks like neither man will get out of this deal anytime soon.

The FBI Arrives on the Scene

While Eph was able to get away from the police in last week’s episode, the FBI showed up at his wife’s house looking for him this week. Eph avoided them, but when he finally snuck in to warn her to take Zach and escape town, her boyfriend Matt calls the FBI and the arrest Eph for suspected murder of the pilot.

Luckily, it looks like Matt’s time will end next week as he approaches two vampires at the end of this week’s episode and things look bleak.

As for the FBI, the two officers in charge of the investigation are horrible characters. Not only are they completely ineffective, but they are useless when it came to anything but roughing up Eph. When Eph finally convinces them to go find bodies with him, they end up dying at the hands of a vampire (the medical examiner who died earlier in the season).

Gus and Vasiliy

Speaking of the medical examiner vampire, his end came at the hand of Gus. After Gus gets rid of the pilot’s body, he and his friend Felix came face to face with the vampire in an alley. Gus saves Felix from the vampire attack by smashing its skull in, but then two police officers ran up and knock Gus to the ground, allowing one of the worms to get inside of Felix. Gus is on his way to jail, but it won’t be long before he is fighting the good fight now.

As for Vasiliy, he went to his office and found no one there. After a small search, he finds his boss, who is infected. Vasiliy opens the shades and watches his boss disintegrate from the sunlight. Sadly, he then finds the receptionist he always flirted with (who has a young son we learn), and she has been changed as well. He then sadly opens the shade for the sun to kill her as well.

Abraham Has a New Plan

Finally, Abraham headed out to continue to kill the infected. His stop here saw him find an entire family infected in the basement of their house. He couldn’t fight the entire vampire pack alone, especially since he started having heart problems. He barely escaped before setting up the house to explode. By the end of the episode, Nora and Eph came together again at Abraham’s pawn shop to join his war. This is when Abraham told them that he has a new plan.