The Face Off  Crew are taken to the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles to discover their Spotlight challenge. They learn about and interact with all sorts of animals to help inspire their work, they are challenged to create a hybrid between 2 species of animals residing at the center.


  • Jason: Red tail Hawk & Fennec Fox
  • Keaghlan: Eurasian Lynx & Kinkajou
  • George: Armadillo & Alligator
  • Dina: Prairie Dog & Red Fox
  • Cig: Armadillo & Alligator
  • Sasha: Bob Cat & Tawny Owl
  • Stella: Serval Cat & Kinkajou
  • Drew: Red Fox & Squirrel Monkey
  • Damien: Coatimundi & Tawny Owl
  • Rachael: Coatimundi & Fennec Fox
  • Doc: Bald Eagle & Squirrel Monkey

Day one, it’s a rush to get sculpting done. Stella has a hard time with animal anatomy, and is prompted to start again by Michael Westmore. Doc worries about time when his prosthetics aren’t ready to pull from the molds by end of day. Stella really has much to worry about, not even having a completed sculpture by the time they have to leave.

Day Two,  Stella tears apart her sculpt and starts from scratch. Dina is stuck with only white fun fur, and improvises by airbrushing red tones into it to represent her Red Fox. George creates fun armor for his creature out of L-200, and runs around the workshop on hands and knees. Drew attempts a molding technique he has never tried before, and waits with bated breath to see if it turns out, after finding out he prepared it incorrectly. He lucks out, ending up with a workable mold.

Application day arrives and the contestants get ready to dress their models, while doc still is running molds. Feathers, fur and scales fly about as they rush to put together their wild makeups. Sasha realizes she didnt prepare anything to cover her model’s feet, and thinks the mistake may send her home. Stella doesn’t plan well, leaving a huge difference in skin tone between face and body.

When they hit the Face Off reveal stage for judging, many are understandably nervous.


  • Sasha
  • keaghlan
  • Dina
  • Damien
  • Cig
  • Jason
  • George
  • Rachael
  • Stella
  • Drew

Winner: Damien

Voted Out: Doc

I have to agree all around this week, Doc’s creature was poorly executed and he deserved to go home. Stella’s and Keaghlan’s were weak too, but not nearly as bad. Damien’s winning piece was truly beautiful, and surpassed all the other Face Off artists on the stage, though Sasha’s sculpture work was pretty stunning as well.