After John finds Molly and Ethan bruised and unconscious in the woods, he struggles with reviving Ethan and believing in Molly’s paranoia when tests reveal that Molly was never pregnant. While Molly retraces her steps in an attempt to find proof to convince John she’s not crazy, Julie and John disagree on how to help Ethan. Meanwhile, Sparks and scientists work to stabilize the extracted fetus taken from Molly.

The Space Baby

As we saw last week, Molly had been abducted by Sparks and Co. and taken to a covert lab on a ship at sea. They extracted her fetus and left her lying unconscious in the woods next to Ethan, who had been damaged in the process of leaving him as bait. When John finds Molly in the woods, she is taken to the hospital where tests reveal that she is not pregnant and hasn’t been in the recent future. Molly is aghast, feeling violated and angry at the loss of her baby. When John suggests to the attending doctor that his tests are wrong, the doctor suggests that Molly is delusional and asks if John had any proof of a pregnancy beyond Molly’s word. John begins to doubt Molly and Molly is unable to obtain the proof he needs to be sure her pregnancy had not been a product of her hallucinations. Meanwhile, Sparks and Co. work toward stabilizing the extracted fetus and succeed rather easily. Sparks asks what it is and the scientist tells him that its a boy. The fetus looks like a regular human. However, when Molly finds a way to test some old blood from when her father’s dog bit her, it is revealed that the baby is part her and part an unknown being.

The Conspiracy

The cover-up for Molly’s abduction and the extraction of her baby is extremely thorough. As Molly systematically conducts inquiries to prove herself to John, she hits walls and roadblocks at every turn. Texts are deleted, Sam is coerced into pretending she knew nothing about the pregnancy, even Molly’s blood has been cleansed of any pregnancy hormones. John has a hard time believing Molly, especially once Sam claims to know nothing of Molly’s situation. Molly asks John for a leap of faith, to believe in her without proof. Molly realizes that there’s still a towel with her blood on it at her father’s house, providing all the proof John needs to believe in the conspiracy.

Molly and John

Once John can confidently trust in Molly’s situation and the obscene liberties the ISEA has taken with her body, they team up to uncover the conspiracy and learn what the baby is, where it came from, and what the ISEA wants with it. Molly returns to work, pretending that she is convinced by the cover-up and that she believes she merely imagined her pregnancy and the conspiracy around it. Sparks lets her return to work, but watches her closely. She consults briefly with her lab partner who developed a filter to identify an unknown energy that killed the test worms on the Seraphim. When Molly returns home, she applies the filter to the video she kept of her incident on the Seraphim. She and John watch the video as the filter reveals the same waves of energy reach out and envelop Molly. There is something much more satisfying about Molly and John teaming up to solve this mystery than just watching Molly flounder alone. She now has someone to share in the danger and in the plotting and planning of the investigation. The partnership feels like a turning point in the series, where things will start to have real structure and substance.


Ethan remains unconscious and unresponsive after the soldiers forcibly shut him down during the last episode. It seems that he is in a kind of coma where his brain must carefully reboot itself or risk memory loss and set backs. John has someone sit with Ethan every moment of the day, checking vitals and signs of reanimation. As John sits with Ethan, he gets impatient and tries rebooting him rather than allowing his systems to reset on their own. Ethan wakes up but simply repeats blankly, “Who are you?”. John shuts him back down and goes back to waiting. By the end of the episode, Ethan has woken up normally and goes home with John and Molly.


It is revealed that Julie leads a solitary life. She gets companionship when she wants, but isn’t interested in pursuing relationships. She is a paraplegic, with two seamless robotic legs that she uses to walk. She has an intense attachment to Ethan because she helped build him. To her, he is her child that she made with John. When she disagrees with John’s impatience with Ethan’s recovery process, they have an argument where is comes out that she disagreed with John and Molly adopting Ethan as their own, saying that it wasn’t the right process and that it wasn’t the best place for him. John gets angry and tells her that she has no right telling him what to do with Ethan, that she’s not Ethan’s parent and that they are not partners – Julie works for John, and that’s all. Julie is obviously hurt by this, feeling that she was an integral part in Ethan’s development. When Ethan awakes at the end and reunites with his parents, Julie stands apart, clearly envious and upset.