Week 3 of this season’s challenge starts with our Contestants outside of the Walter Pyramid on the campus of California State University, Long Beach. They are greeted by Mackenzie Westmore and Glenn Hetrick, who reveal to them this week’s challenge, to create an alien race. In their very first individual challenge, the crew pick a photo of an ancient construct to inspire their creation.

  • Stonehenge-Rachael & Gwen
  • Easter Island-Doc & Vince
  • Giza Necropolis-Damien & Keaghlan
  • Machu Picchu-George & Jason
  • Pyramid of the Sun-Drew & Dina
  • Peruvudaiyar Kovil Temple– Stella & Sasha
  • Angkor Wat-Cig

Right off the bat Mr. Westmore derails Doc’s design, telling him that his drawing doesn’t relay Easter Island as inspiration for his alien. He begins to panic, and attempts to regroup. Gwen also rethinks the direction of her piece by the end of the day.

On day two Doc feels more confident, and gets cracking at revising his creature, making it less fish like. Keaghlan starts to worry about the size of her mold, rushing to get it finished, and Sasha shows her inexperience in the molding room, having never molded a cowl before. Gwen begins to find new confidence in her warrior alien. While the rest of the Contestants rush to ready their work, Vince takes his time and doesn’t seem to worry about being ready on application day.

Application day comes, and Gwen finds that her foam has completely collapsed on itself, appearing torn and tattered. Bright colors fly around the room as the crew applies their paint. Everyone tries to avoid the term “muddy” in judging. Gwen and Doc seem to have the most to worry about when their aliens reach the stage.

Ve Neil is welcomed back to the panel, and the judging begins.


  • Jason
  • Dina
  • Rachael
  • Keaghlan
  • Sasha
  • Drew
  • Vince
  • Cig
  • Doc
  • Damien
  • George

Winner: Stella

Voted Out: Gwen

Symmetry was lacking in almost every sculpt this week, but there were definitely interesting concepts among the interstellar beings. Up close, many looked extremely rough, and it really seems like it could be anyone’s game at this point, though not in a good way. Sasha’s pink, Indian inspired alien did strike me as graceful, and Stella’s creativity shined, including imagery from Indian Gods & Demons. Stella deserved the win, and I am glad that the Judges made the right choice.