The Expendables 3 is still a week and half away from being officially released and already there’s speculation around the production of  the currently in development spin-off movie Expendabelles.  Since it’s always fun to speculate on the casting for these kind of films, Sylvester Stallone gave his two cents while promoting The Expendables 3.  According to Screen Rant he said that he would like to see Sigourney Weaver play his on screen wife in the film.    

While the same Screen Rant article was quick to point out that he was probably joking when he said this, Weaver would actually make a lot of  sense for Expendabelles.  If her character would kick half as much butt as Ripley then she make a perfect Stallone equivalent for this film (though she could end up busy with the Avatar sequels).

Also rumored for Expendabelles at one point or another have been Milla Jovovich, Cameron Diaz, Gina Carano, and even Meryl Streep for some reason.  Jovovich and Cerano would both make solid enough choices.  Even though I’ve neverpersonally cared for the Resident Evil series it has certainly established Jovovich in the action genre.  Carano isn’t as established as Jovovich but her fight scene with Michael Fassbender in Haywire alone proves her to be more than qualified.

Cameron Diaz and Meryl Streep however, feel rather unlikely.  While Diaz is certainly no stranger to action flicks, I get the feeling this movie won’t be able to afford her.  As for Streep, that one just seems flat out ridiculous.  She’s never been one for the action genre and there’s no real reason to think she’s going to start now.  A more logical for whatever role they would’ve given Streep should probably go to Helen Mirren.  She has been one of the best parts of the RED series and is every bit as well respected as Streep.

Other actresses who could be good fits for Expendabelles would be Kate Beckinsale (who still has her fans from the Underworld series), Linda Hamilton (who could make a Bruce Willis and Schwarzenegger-esque cameo) , Gina Torres and Summer Glau (whose work on Firefly speaks for itself.

Do you think Sigourney Weaver should be a part of Expendabelles?  Who else do you think should become involved?  Give us your two cents in the comment section below.

Source: Screen Rant