The show opens with Eric, Pam and the Yakuza interrogating Sarah Newlin’s Sister Amber, who reveals that Sarah is the cure, but wont tell them where she is. Out of anger and the onset of the Hep-V’s aggression symptoms, Eric stakes her. Roll opening credits.

Andy and Holly search for their children, unaware that Violet has taken them to her home. They ask Jessica if she can feel if Adilyn. She tells them that she senses no danger.

Bill’s Hep-V is advancing at an accelerated rate.

Violet gives are made to feel ‘at home’ at Violet’s mansion, given a private room filled with sex toys and bondage gear. Violet goes to sleep, leaving them to consummate their relationship (but not opting to use the objects that Violet provided).

The head of the Yakinoma corporation strike a deal with Eric and Pam to help find Sarah Newlin and exploit her ‘antidote’, by creating a new product line of True Blood, called New Blood. New Blood will eradicate Hep-V from the planet.

Hoyt and his new girlfriend return to town to pay respects for his Mother’s death, running into Arlene who doesn’t know that Hoyt’s memory had been glamoured away. Jason fills her in on why he and Jessica wiped his memory of them, so that he could be happily unaware of their betrayal.

Sookie calls Dr. Ludvig, the supernatural specialist, to help Bill. Dr. Ludvig reveals that it’s Sookie’s Fairy blood that is accelerating the virus’ rate. She asks what Sookie’s family lineage is, and becomes alarmed when she finds out that Sookie is related to Niall Brigant, hurrying away.

Sookie goes to the graveyard and asks her Grandfather Niall to materialize, but he doesn’t appear. Instead she returns home to find him rooting through her cupboards. He asks to make him spaghetti. While he eats he tells her that dwarves (referring to Dr. Ludvig) have an innate fear of Fairy royalty, maybe because they hilled so many of them in the past. He admits that he doesn’t like Bill, and knew she was going to infect Bill with Hep-V. She begs him to use some of his magic for her, and he agrees to try.

Sarah Newlin returns to the campus of the Fellowship of the Sun. Hearing the voices of the followers echoing in her mind, she has a panic attack. She imagines Jason, he tells her that death is coming for her. While there the head of the Yakinoma corp uses satellite to track and find her.

Sam asks Arlene for advice, asking if his girl is right, if the whole town is crazy. Is he just a man building on the ground where a tornado hits over and over again? Arlene asks him if he stayed, could he be happy there with out his family. He asks her if she is happy. She says that she fakes it, hoping that the more she fakes it the closer she’ll come to believing it, but no, she isn’t happy. She tells him that there is no chance in hell she wont stop trying to be.

Holly and Andy continue to search for Wade and Adilyn, but come up empty. Andy breaks down and cries and tells Holly that he’s sorry, he can’t keep them safe all the time. She comforts him, telling him that she knows that they will get them back.

Niall teaches Sookie to draw on nature’s memory, to learn how to help him. She sees the day that Bill’s wife gave birth to their first child. She doesn’t see anything miraculous about it, but Niall tells her that miracles are all around her, birth, death, love. That magic can fix a lot of things, but Bill isn’t one of them.

Keith comes to the bar and comforts Arlene, he felt her pain and wanted to hold her. She tells him that she is Hep-V positive, so they can’t have sex. He says, “Then let’s just dance.”

When Violet wakes, she goes into Wade and Adilyn’s room. They thank Violet for her hospitality, and tell her that they didn’t use any of her toys. She says that it’s all right, because they are going to use them now, attacking them.

Sarah has a breakdown at the Fellowship, seeing everyone that was hurt or died  because she slept with them. They try to bully her into choosing between Christianity and Buddhism. She says that she chooses neither, she chooses herself. As she argues with apparitions, they Yakuza, Pam & Eric arrive.

I’m unsure why, but this episode seemed to fall a little flat for me, regardless of eminent danger for several characters. Only a few episodes left, and I feel eager to get some of these story lines wrapped up. Maybe it’s just my feeling like I already know how the story will conclude. I do like the romance brewing between Arlene and Keith, and am glad that the Writers seem to be leading to her having a happy ending.