Marvel Entertainment and Disney-ABC Television Group announced on Thursday that ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” has its very own graphic novel heading to bookshelves. “Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen” will be plotted by series writer/co-producer Dan Thomsen and co-written by Corrina Bechko.

The story takes readers back to Fairy Tale Land and focuses on the relationship between the Evil Queen and the Huntsman. This should be familiar to fans of the television show who saw the Evil Queen literally take his heart, but the graphic novel is expected to delve deeper into their story.

“‘Shadow of the Queen’ will bring fans a whole new thread of the intriguing backstory between Regina and the Huntsman – in a uniquely Marvel way,” said Adam Sanderson, SVP Franchise Management for the Disney-ABC Television Group.  “We hope this brand extension will further deepen the engagement our viewers have with one of ABC’s signature series.”

The graphic novel will feature the artwork of Nimit Malavia, Vasilis Lolos, Mike Del Mundo, Stephanie Hans and Mike Henderson. It will be released on September 4.