John Boyega seems to see his star rising higher and higher at the moment in Hollywood. After breaking out with a critically acclaimed role in Attack the Block, he now finds himself preparing to star in Star Wars: Episode VII in a role that is heavily rumored to see him as the actual star of the new trilogy. As if that isn’t enough, Boyega is now hinting that he might want to head to Marvel as well.

It all came about on his Twitter account when he told his followers that he was aiming for a Marvel role and then added “Currently booking flight to Wakanda.”

Of course, this could just be wishful thinking on Boyega’s part.

For those who don’t know, Wakanda is the home of T’Challa, where he is the King. It is a very advanced African country that is rich and powerful thanks to the existence of the mineral vibranium, which they keep well guarded. Vibranium is also what is used to help T’Challa when he operates as the superhero the Black Panther.

Marvel has been rumored to be making a Black Panther movie for a while now. They have even had other actors openly lobby for the lead role, including Morris Chestnut. However, the only new character announced for Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 is Doctor Strange. Expect at least one more original film in that phase, and don’t be surprised if it isn’t Black Panther.

Whether or not John Boyega gets the role or not is another story. Would you be excited to see Boyega play Black Panther, or do you feel someone older should take the role? Chime in below in the comments with your ideas for who should play Black Panther in the Marvel movies.