The Breakdown

The reverend (Matt) tells to stories about two little kids they have dancer, in the middle of the prayer a man rushes into the church and beats the reverend up. The man shoves once f the revends flyers down the reverends throat It is one of the flyers he passed out saying that one woman (Amber) that left sold drugs to college kids.

A Matt leaves the hospital he checks on one of the children that he spoke about in service. He goes to her room and finds out that she woke up. He is told that she asked for a soda and woke up last night. Matt is back at his church cleaning up the blood and the other mess that his one sided fight left. While he is sweeping the door he sees one pigeon in the doorway, and 2 of the GR’s standing outside.

A former member of the church comes in to get his son baptized. When the man leaves he tells Matt about a man named Andrew Sasaki, who got drunk and gambled at a casino. When Andrew lost all of his money he went to gamble his children’s college fund. Matt goes to the casino to look for information on Andrew. The pit boss doesn’t help him at first. Then Matt tells this story of a prisoner that is among the departed to tug on the pit boss’ heart strings. One of the works in the casino starts screaming as a pigeon is on the table.

Matt finds out that there is an offer out on the church and he will have to come up with 135K before tomorrow in order to keep it. Matt goes and asks Nora for the money. Nora says she will give it to him if he stops printing the paper. Nora calls Matt out for not knowing what happened to the people. Matt says it was a test and then tells Nora that her husband cheated on on. I don’t think he;s getting his money now…

Matt goes to Kevins house to get something that Kevin’s dad left of him. Lauren is sitting outside and tells Matt not to tell Kevin. Matt gets 20K from under the grill. Matt takes the money to the casino and bets it all on red. It does this 3 times in order to win 160K. On his last bet, a couple places a bet next to him on black. Matt wins and they lose. Matt cashes in his chips and leaves the casino. The man from the couple tries to rob Matt (outside) but on trying to flee. Matt attacks him and kills him. (I wonder is Matt going to write this in his paper).

Matt is driving down the street and sees the GR’s. A Jeep drives down the street and hits one of the GR’s in the head with a rock. Matt gets out to help and call 911. The jepp doubles back down the road and hits him with a rock as well knocking him out. Matt wakes up and walks into his church and everything gets fuzzy. His life flashes before his eyes. Him getting diagnosed with the cancer. (He is the boy from the story from earlier. His parents dying in a fire and the day of the 14th where he and his wife were in an accident after the driver of the car that hit him vanished . His wife was paralysed on that day. Then Matt and his wife are having sex, she then turns into Lauren and Matts hands light on fire.

When Matt wakes up in the hospital, he asks the nurse what time is it and she tells him 4:30. He yells to her to call Jim at the bank and let Jim know that Matt is on his way. Matt goes and finds his car, luckily with the money still there. Matt rushes to the bank. security guard will not let him it because it is closed. Matt sees Jim and begins to bag on the door. Jim has the guard let Matt in. Matt tells Jim that he has the money to save the church. Jim tells Matt that it’s too late. Matt wonders what is going on as Jim told him by the end of the day. Jim tells Matt that was 3 days ago. He also tells Matt that the bank is sold and the owners took over the church yesterday. Matt walks by the church and sees the new owners. The Guilt Remnant.


The Aftermath

I tried to want to like this show. All week I couldn’t wait to see it. I was ok with accepting the fact that the show is what it is and is not about what happened but about these losers that are left to cope with what happened. Even tho the family that the show is built around lost no one. Now that I have seen the 3rd episode, I feel like I wasted another hour of my life. Now I will admit that the episode was good. Even though Matt was the only person it in that we are accustomed to seeing. But this show just seems like it does stuff just to get to the hour mark. Its as if the writers just threw stuff in just because. Now 2 people have had dreams where they wake up on fire. So if everyone that is left isn’t in hell than I am. Thanks HBO.