The episode opens on a yoga class in Los Angeles, Ca., Sarah Newlin is among the students receiving the wisdom of the Yogi. He tells them that the only moment that exists is now, and no one else exists but them, When he praises her on her form using a name that is not her own Sarah says “Namaste Guru Da ta”¬†.

Pam cries and asks Eric how long he’s been sick, he tells her a month. He makes it clear that he didn’t want to be found. She tells him that she felt Tara die, and that he needs to fight. He recalls a memory of seducing a woman in France named Sylvie in 1986 on a vineyard, and being interrupted by the vampire authority. He and Pam are reprimanded for not registering or paying taxes to the local sheriff. She tells them of the coming of True Blood and the authoritie’s plans to come out of the coffin, telling them that they must fall in line. Pam cowtows to Flannigan, Eric tells her to go f*&ck herself. When she leaves Eric tells Pam that he is her master, she is to follow him, not the authority. She agrees, and he promises always to protect her.

Alcide realizes Sookie sneaked out while he was in the shower, he runs to Bill’s house and breaks down the door, angry that he can smell her there but they are are nowhere to be found.

Sookie and Bill drive, speaking of a plan. He tells her that she needs to drink his blood again so that he will be able to track her. She drinks his blood, but reminds him that she’s got a boyfriend.

Adilyn sits in a cell with the boy she likes, she tells him that they have made out before, but a vampire glamored the memory out of him. He says that it’s the best news he’s heard all day. Jessica runs in to break them out of the cell. She Asks Adilyn who the mob is after, she tells her anyone that is different than them.

Sam and a vampire are stopped by Vince’s mob, they call him Mayor Gibson. They shoot the vampire protecting Sam, and threaten Sam. Vince tells him that he needs to get out of town, Sam says he can’t do that and shifts into a bird and flies away. They shoot their guns at him, but none strike him.

Jason asks Violet if she ever would consider having kids together, which sets her off in a fit of anger, telling him to man up. Andy, Jessica & Adilyn knock on the door, and tell Jason that the mob is after Sookie. Violet harasses Jessica, not letting her into the house, saying she hates her. When Jason says he’s going to go find Sookie, Violet agrees to a truce until she’s found.

Jessica’s boyfriend goes to LaFayette’s house and asks if he has anymore weed. He tells him that he smoked him clean out last time. He confesses feeling that Jess doesn’t really see him. LaFayette asks him what the last pill he took was. He tells him Tuinal, remembering it fondly, but he can’t swallow pills anymore. LaFayette says he will take it and he can take him.

Holly leads the captives in a spell in the basement of Fangtasia, but is interrupted by one of the H-vamps, who makes her go with him to hunt other humans.

Andy, Jess, Violet & Jason are confronted by the angry mob, Ms. Fortenberry shoots Jess in the shoulder, Violet tears Fortenberry’s heart out, making the mob scatter. Andy makes Violet go after Rocky, telling her to bring him back alive. As Jess writhes around on the ground, Jason asks why she’s not healing, she says she doesn’t know.

The H-vamps, with Holly, find a couple  and they are taken back to the others by 2 of the vamps, while the rest make Holly continue on.

Alcide and Sam find each other, he tells Sam that Sookie is missing and they go off together to find her.

Meanwhile Sookie sits outside on the ground as bait as Bill sits in wait in a tree. She cuts herself, hoping they can smell it and come find her.

After Lettie Mae comes in raving, the Reverend sends Willa away. He says he’s sorry, but Lettie Mae has a disease, and she can’t let Willa be manipulated by her again.

Back in Eric’s memory from the vineyard, Eric is threatened by the authority and the Japanese corporation who created True Blood. He says he understands, he’ll be more careful. They say it’s too late, he has to choose one to die, Pam or his Lover Sylvie. He chooses Sylvie, then they collar him with silver and take him away. The memory fades and they are back in modern time. Pam asks if he contracted the virus on purpose. He says no, but that he conducted his business with a ‘devil may care’ attitude. Pam tells him that he cant give up. She says that she’ll do anything. He tell her she should go. Before she goes, she tells him that Sarah Newlin is still alive, this is what it takes to rouse him. He says then let’s go find her.

The next scene sarah is having sex with the yogi. He calls her Numi. He says that he’s made it his life’s work to steer others on the right path, that he never thought a student would free him.

As she goes to the pantry to grab a bottle of wine, Japanese men with samurai swords enter the house. They confront the yogi, showing him a picture of Sarah and asking where she is. He refuses to tell them, and they chop off his head. Sarah hides until they leave.

Holly wanders into the clearing where Sookie is waiting, being caught off guard by this, she and Bill are jumped by the H-vamps. Before the can stake Bill, Alcide and Sam jump them in wolf form, killing the H-vamps. Andy, Jess, Violet & Jason are there. A shot comes out of the darkness and shoots Alcide, killing him. They shoot back in the direction the bullets came from. Andy finds Lou on the ground bleeding, who asks him for an ambulance. Andy refuses and walks away. Sookie cries over Alcide’s body. Fade to black.

It seems odd that they made a point of Jason pointing out that Jessica isn’t healing from the bullet wounds by the angry mob, then to have Jessica be completely fine in the last scene. If they are hinting that the bullets she was hit with were contaminated with hep-v, then they didn’t really make it terribly clear. If they weren’t, then it seems the scene was pointless. The whole episode seemed to jump around so much that I couldn’t really focus long enough to be drawn in. Even the death of Alcide wasn’t very stirring. Here’s to hoping that next week’s show will be more engaging.