I have no idea what to expect from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. I know for a fact that it will be different if for no other reason than James Gunn is directing it. That actually makes me pretty happy. However, how weird will the movie be compared to Marvel’s other efforts? Well, the track listing for the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack hit online on Tuesday and it is some of the most eclectic music choices I have ever seen.

Remember how brilliant Quentin Tarantino’s music choices were, especially for his earlier movies like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction? Well, that is what we have here. The trailers alone have shown two of the soundtrack choices with “Hooked on a Feeling” and “Spirit in the Sky.” Add in some David Bowie, Redbone, Marvin Gaye, The Runaways and the Jackson Five along with a taste of “I’m Not in Love” and you have some songs that have my mind swimming with what this movie will feel like.

I have the chance to see a 17-minute special “First Look” preview of Guardians of the Galaxy next Monday in IMAX, so check back with me then to see what I have to say about the look and feel of the movie. Until then, click on the link below to head over to Spotify and listen to all the tracks from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on Aug. 1.