Murder, drugs, surfers, and sharks take over this week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0.

The Breakdown

One of the first scenes of the show started off with an explosion – a ship explosion to be exact.  This led the Five-0 to a local shark tour company who lost this boat and two others previously to arson.  When they find out that one of the workers – the owner’s brother – was missing coinciding with the explosion, McGarrett and Williams took a trip out to the spot where their shark cage was also missing.  They quickly discovered the brother, dead inside of the submerged cage.

This led the investigation to a local surf club called Kapu, due to their strong dislike for the local shark tours.  When the members in question had alibis for the time of the fire/murder the investigation took another turn.  A different suspect – who turned out to be an FBI CI – was chased down by Kono and Chin Ho, but was also quickly cleared.

The team then began looking at a crew of three local fishermen whose boat was coincidentally in an accident with the shark tour owner’s boat.  With little to go on and a somewhat believable excuse for the accident, the team started to turn its attention, but a bit too soon.  Max shortly after discovered the arm of one of the fishermen inside of a shark found and brought in by a local company.

Once again the suspect list and investigation turned slightly when the second member of the fisherman crew wound up dead.  So, they had one dead fisherman (Kaneshiro), one with only parts remaining (Lewis) and one missing (Lappert).  Once finding remnants of the drug MDMA at the Lappert’s residence, the team suspected that the third fisherman held the key.

This all led Five-0 to a transport area where Lappert was about to make a large deal with a drug cartel.  After some fancy skills by Kono with a crane and a good shootout, the bad guy (Lappert) was finally taken in by the team for the murders of his crew members and the shark tour worker.

In the midst of the case, Kamekona took steps to obtain his pilot’s license for his helicopter tours.  After a few comical exchanges, Williams ended up in the helicopter as part of the deal if Kamekona passed his test.  The show came to an amusing conclusion with Kamekona, McGarrett, Williams and Max all humming a familiar Hawaiian detective show tune.

The Analysis

This episode took a lot of turns, but that is not surprising for Hawaii Five-0.  There was a lot of action, comedy, and good detective work by the team to capture the right guy.  I will admit it was hard to keep the suspect list straight as it moved from one to another quickly.  But as usual, it all came together in the end.

It was also a relief to have a break from the drama with McGarrett and his mother Doris, her secrets and her past.  This episode actually focused mainly on the case.

Kamekona brings a nice aspect to every episode.  He is funny and tries to be serious at the same time.  I kept expecting him to pull out some shrimp while they were in the helicopter in the last scene!

To sum it up, it was a decent episode of Hawaii Five-0 with all of the elements we look for in this show every week.  Nothing more; nothing less.