Comic-Con 2014 is going to not only see the stars of the upcoming DC Comics comic book television adaptations show up to talk about their new shows, but it will also feature a world premiere. Here is a look at what comic book fans can expect from the DC Comics television properties at this year’s Comic-Con.

Comic-Con 2014

Gotham / FOX


The world premiere at Comic-Con 2014 is for Gotham, the television show that will introduce the world to Gotham City in the days immediately following the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. This show takes place years before Wayne leaves Gotham City and returns as Batman. According to Warner Bros., fans at Comic-Con will get to watch the full Gotham season premiere episode and then get to hear from the cast and crew of the series. The cast includes Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith as mob leader Fish Mooney.

Comic-Con 2014



The other big DC Comics television show premiering this fall is “Flash,” based on the first DC Comics superhero of the Silver Age of comics. Barry Allen is a CSI officer who inherits the powers of speed after an accident and becomes the fastest man alive. The TV series is a spin-off from “Arrow,” where Allen was first introduced in the second season of that hit CW show. At Comic-Con 2014, the audience will also get to see the series premiere of the “Flash” pilot. The cast and producers, , including actor Grant Gustin who plays Flash, will be there after the screening to answer questions.

Comic-Con 2014

Constantine / NBC

Arrow and Constantine

Entering its third season this year, “Arrow” will also be at Comic-Con in full force. They are also bringing some footage, but it will just be teaser footage from the third season of the show instead of the full season premiere. As for “Constantine,” NBC will only show exclusive footage to the Comic-Con crowd, but not the pilot premiere episode. Both of those shows will also include a panel with the cast and crews. Stephen Amell plays Arrow and Matt Ryan is Constantine.