Honestly, for the past few years it has seemed like a Preacher YV series or movie was just a carrot dangling for fans of the comics to blindly grasp for. However, seeing this actually made into something is finally becoming more of a reality. AMC has green-lit the show and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are working on making it a reality. Not only that, but Rogen tweeted on Monday that he was actually getting started on writing the Preacher pilot episode.

He actually just tweeted the words “Writing Day” and the following photo of a planning board.

Preacher TV

Rogen is actually working on the project alongside Breaking Bad’s Sam Catlin, which is even more exciting. Now, let’s all hope that Rogen and Catlin will remain loyal to the source material. When AMC released the official description of the Preacher TV show synopsis, there was no mention of Jesse having the power of the “Word of God” or being in control of Genesis.

While that should seem just common knowledge that it will be there, the recent news that NBC was not allowing John Constantine to smoke makes everything in the television world up in question. AMC has proven with The Walking Dead that they will do just about anything, but when it comes to religion there is still that question in the back of the mind concerning what is allowed.

Here is hoping when we finally get the Preacher TV series, that it is everything we hoped when reading the amazing Garth Ennis comics.

Source: Twitter