It appears Sylvester Stallone could be revisiting one of his most iconic roles yet again.  The same people that have been developing a Rambo TV series have now bought the rights for what would be the next film in the series.  According to the press release, they expect Stallone to reprise his role for Rambo 5, which will have him go against a Mexican cartel.  Stallone already has the screenplay written and calls it his “version of No Country for Old Men.

Now for the fairly obvious question; Do we really want another one of these movies?  Rambo was a decent enough hit back in 2008 ($118 million worldwide on a $50 million budget) but that was six years ago and at the time people understandably believed it would be Stallone’s last Rambo film.  In a couple of weeks Stallone will be 68 and frankly the novelty of the series was used up with the release of Rambo.  If Stallone is going to insist on making Rambo again he might as well make Rocky VII while he’s at it.

Quite honestly, this feels like A Good Day to Die Hard all over again.  Much like the latest John McClane pic, this Rambo would be the fifth of the series and would be a followup to a sequel that took over a decade to make and we know how well A Good Day to Die Hard worked out.       

This really isn’t all that surprising since Stallone has managed to stay relevant through novelty value by either doing long delayed sequels to his previous films (Rambo, Rocky Balboa) or by teaming up with other action stars past or present (Escape Plan, Grudge Match, The Expendables series) but his diminishing returns at the box office indicate the audience may be tiring of Stallone.

Do you want to see Stallone play John Rambo again?  Does Rambo 5 have any chance of being good?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Source: Coming Soon