There are moments in film where a studio finally stops thinking money, and becomes ready to risk a major property on an unconventional director. Today, that has happened, and I could not be more thrilled on this announcement – Rian Johnson Star Wars!

Rian Johnson, director of Looper, Brick, and The Brothers Bloom, has been hired to write and direct the 8th installment of Star Wars! 

If only you can see the nerd glow I have right now.

The news broke over at Deadline with the scoop, and TheWrap was able to clear up any holes in the report. What we currently know is Rian Johnson will only direct Star Wars VIII. However, he will submit a draft for Episode IX, which is honestly just as valuable. All this being said, Disney and Lucasfilm haven’t made it official yet by posting a press release.

The funniest part of this whole announcement is the video that Johnson tweeted after the story broke. You can tell he’s feeling the pressure. Check it out below!

As fellow Renegade writer Caleb Masters so elegantly put it, “We live in an era of Hollywood fanboy miracles.” He’s right and this definitely counts as one of them! Hiring a director like Rian Johnson speaks volumes to what Disney is hoping to achieve out of their trilogy. You don’t sign Johnson and expect your average cup of cinema. This guy is an artistwho constantly challenges genre conventions. I’m calling it right now… Star Wars VIII will be The Empire Strikes Back of the new trilogy! Bring it!

What do you think about Rian Johnson writing and directing Star Wars VIII? Chime in below about the new Rian Johnson Star Wars news!

Source: Deadline, TheWrap