In a panel at last weekend’s Phoenix Comic-Con, Dean Lorey announced that he, along with Archer Creator Adam Reed, are in talks with FX to make an animated show based on his novel Romance for Men. Lorey’s show Arrested Development was cancelled by Fox after three seasons, regardless of winning several Emmy’s and Golden Globe awards. The show gained a cult gathering, deservedly so, that led to Netflix producing a fourth season, garnering rave reviews. Though his most recent show, The Crazy Ones starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams, has been cancelled, nothing is keeping Dean Lorey down. Dean Lorey talking at con

Lorey described Romance for Men as “Super R rated, it’s very, very naughty.” The premise of the book and the new show will surround a Danny Devito-esque character named Jack ‘Icefloe’ Jackson, an Alaskan mountain man specializing in hunting with dynamite, who is upset that there really are no romance novels aimed at men. He decides to answer the calling, and in turn helps lovelorn losers get laid…er…get romance in their lives.

Along side him are characters like Icefloe’s gay best friend Lance, who is madly in love with him, the Bitch Witch, and Albert Einstein’s bastard Step-Daughter, Amber Einstein (the most brilliant woman alive). With his crazy sidekicks, he’s granted a license to kill and called on to save the world on a regular basis.

Lorey warned the panel audience to, “Bear in mind, it’s filthy. If you have any morality at all I recommend you don’t take a look at this.” With Jacket quotes like, “Disgusting, Profane, Rabid and totally unnecessary. Which is also why I LAUGHED MY A$$ OFF,” by Dennis Leary and “Wildly funny, twisted, sick and every short, fat, bald guy’s wet dream,” by Robin Williams, we have been warned, this cartoon isn’t for the kiddies…or even a few adults with delicate sensibilities.

The book will be available on July 4, and the show will likely be officially announced at the end of this month. No voice actors have been announced as of yet (Lorey admitted that he was working on the pilot script in his hotel room, so the show is in the very early stages), but check back for all the latest entertainment news.