While Godzilla roared all over the competition last week, the reign was short lived. In the age of limitless sumemr blockbusters, it was knocked off quickly as X-Men: Days of Future Past raced in and dominated the weekend, although it fell short of the franchise record.

X-Men: Days of Future Past finished with a $90.7 million opening weekend, which matches up closelt with other big releases this year. It fell short of the openings for Captain America: The Winter SOldier ($95), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91.6) and Godzilla ($93.1). However, it destroyed in the worldwide box office, making $171.1 million. There is a real chance it surpasses The Wolverine ($282 million) by the end of its second weekend.

The other new big release was the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie, Blended. Sandler had to hope that the reunion between the two stars would see similar to their past movies (50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer), but it flopped with only $14.2 million. That was even less than the horrible Jack and Jill ($25).

Godzilla dropped to second place, bringing in another $31.4 million. That was a 66 percent drop, which is normally a bad drop, but honestly the competition from X-Men made that drop understandable.

Here’s the complete weekend box office breakdown:

Weekend Box Office

Position Title Weekend Total
1 X-Men: Days of Future Past $90.7M $90.7M
2 Godzilla $31.4 $148.7
3 Blended $14.2 $14.2
4 Neighbors $13.9 $113.6
5 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $7.8 $184.9
6 Million Dollar Arm $7.0 $20.6
7 The Other Woman $3.6 $77.7
8 Rio 2 $2.5 $121.5
9 Chef $2.2 $3.5
10 Heaven is for Real $1.9 $85.7


Weekend box office estimates courtesy of Box Office Mojo