Hannibal Season Finale Time!

Hannibal Beautifully scrolls an invitation to Jack Crawford for dinner.

Jack prepares for the confrontation, wearing a wire, and having sharp shooters at the ready. Both he and Hannibal hope that Will Graham is on their side, when the moment comes.

Opening Credits

Will walks toward his house, he sees Garret Jacob-Hobbs on the porch. Hobbs guides him to shoot the stag he sees before them.

Bella, in the last stages of cancer, confides in Lecter, still angry that he stopped her suicide attempt. She asks. “You saved me for Jack, will you save him for me when I’m gone?”

Will asks Freddie Lounds to not write about Abigail, to write only about him and Lecter. He wants Abigail to rest in peace.

Hannibal lets Will read his therapy notes. Will burns the many books containing all that has transpired, along with the rest of Hannibal’s patients. Hannibal wants to save his patients the FBI’s scrutiny. He believes that when he runs Will will go with him, until Will passes too close to him and he smells the scent of Freddie Lounds on him. Hannibal now clued in, says nothing.

Alana Bloom talks with Will. She tells him that in the few moments of sleep she does get, she dreams that she is drowning in darkness. She asks how he can be sure that Hannibal isn’t setting a trap for him, as Will sets a trap for Hannibal. He says, “I can’t.”

Hannibal asks Will if it’s necessary that Jack die, Will replies that it’s preordained. He asks why they don’t just disappear that night? Will says that he needs to confess, he needs him to know the truth. Hannibal says, “To the truth then…and all it’s consequences.”

Jack is told by Agent Purnell that what he and Will Graham are doing is entrapment, and that they would never get a conviction. That after an inquiry he is being put on forced leave. He hands in his badge and his gun and is walked out of the FBI headquarters.

The FBI says that they have put a freeze on Hannibal’s passport. Alana tries to reason with Agent Purnell, but she won’t listen,  she says that Will and Jack will be brought up on charges for what they have done in an effort to trap Hannibal.

Alana warns Will that there is a Warrant for his and Jack’s arrest, he flees as the FBI pull up to arrest him. Will then calls Hannibal and warns him that they know.

Jack enters Hannibal’s kitchen as he prepares dinner. Hannibal offers Jack a knife, to help with cooking. They exchange words, Jack reaches for his gun, Hannibal throws a knife into Jacks hand. Jumping over the counter they engage hand to hand. We are back to the season’s opening scene. As they fight, Alana walks up the steps, she sees that the door is open. Hearing the struggle, she calls the police. Grabbing the gun that Will gave her from her purse, she enters. Hannibal stabs Jack in the throat with a shard of broken glass, Jack bleeds on the floor of his wine pantry. Alana sees Hannibal covered in blood, and points the gun at him. She tells him that she was so blind, he replies that in her defense, he tried very hard to keep her blind. He tells her to remain that way, if she doesn’t walk away, he’ll kill her. She tries to shoot him, but there are no bullets in the gun. She foolishly runs upstairs, and locks herself in a room. She finds more bullets, and shoots through the door. She doesn’t notice the woman approaching her in the room. She turns and looks at her face, it’s Abigail Hobbs. Abigail says, “I’m so sorry.” She then pushes Alana out of the window.

Will arrives and finds Alana dying on the doorstep. She tells him that Jack is inside, to go. She fails to tell him that Abigail is alive. Will walks the house cautiously, gun in hand. He sees blood pooling on the floor, then turns to see Abigail crying. He lowers his gun, she says, “I didn’t know what else to do, so I just did what he told me.Will asks, “Where is he?” Abigail glances behind Will, looking frightened, Hannibal stands behind him. Will tells him, “You were supposed to leave.”  Hannibal says, “We couldn’t leave with out you.” He cups Will’s face in his hand, and with the other hand stabs Will in the stomach. He tells Will, “I let you know me, see me. I gave you a rare gift, but you didn’t want it.” Will denies that he intended to have Hannibal caught. Hannibal asks Will, “Did you believe you could change me, the way I changed you?” Will Replies, “I already did.” Lecter muses a moment,  “Fate and circumstance have returned us to this moment.” He says, “I forgive you Will, will you forgive me?” Will begs for his life, Hannibal then calls Abigail to him. Abigail goes to Lecter, and he cuts her throat. She and Will lay bleeding on the kitchen floor, as Hannibal walks out into the yard, letting the rain wash him clean. He walks away. As Will lays dying, he sees a stag on the floor next to them, dying too. Fade to black.

The scene cuts to Hannibal, he’s on an airplane. The stewardess offers him champagne in French. Next to him is sitting Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. She is not afraid. The End.

NOOooooo! Did Bryan Fuller say, “How can I end this season in the most gut wrenching, agonizing, f’d up way possible?!” How can we be expected to wait for months to see what happens? Who lives? Who dies? He better have known that he was getting another season when he wrote that! (Shakes fist menacingly) Dear Zod, that’s just cruel.