Alfonso Cuaron is one of the best filmmakers of our generation. From Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to Children of Men to Gravity, he has proven to be a visual filmmaker on a level that few others have ever reached. Now, he is in demand. The most recent news is that Warner Bros. wants Cuaron to direct The Shining prequel Overlook Hotel.

This is actually the second such rumor this week alone. On Monday, Derek reported that Cuaron is up to return to the Harry Potter world with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Since that is also a Warner Bros. film, it sounds like the studio wants to go all in with the latest Oscar winning director.

Overlook Hotel

Warner Bros.

Of course, the Harry Potter prequel will be a huge opportunity no matter who directs it. Cuaron would just bring some legitimacy to the entire ordeal. However, Overlook Hotel is a riskier prospect. Making a prequel to a horror movie as beloved as Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is a task that few might want to attempt.

Alfonso Cuaron would be the perfect choice.

Go back to the original Kurbick movie. Some of the more iconic moments include the amazing one-shot entrance for Jack Nicholson to the Overlook Hotel, a shot that starts out wide and then narrows to an almost claustrophobic shot by the end. It was one shot, at the start of the movie, that showed exactly what the movie was about before it ever even started.

Alfonso Cuaron specializes in those kind of shots.

Add in some iconic opportunities with the hypnotic carpet that travels throughout the halls of the Overlook Hotel and the strange Topari gardens outside the facility and you have something that Cuaron could really bring to life. Honestly, looking at The Shining and you will see Kubrick really playing with his visual cinematography all throughout the film.

That is Alfonso Cuaron.

Overlook Hotel is being written by Glen Mazzara, the Walking Dead showrunner who introduced the Prison to the zombie series. At the moment, there isn’t really much known about The Shining prequel, but if Cuaron joins it, fans could be in for quite the treat.

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