WWE Monday Night Raw

Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family open this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw. Wyatt was cutting a great promo but the London crowd kept doing the annoying “What” chant during the pauses. Honestly, this was an amazing promo and he had the entire crowd eating out of his hands by the hand when they started singing without him leading them. Amazing. He is the necessary evil that must exist in the world to balance things out. Tonight, Luke Harper will fight John Cena and that kicked off Cena’s music. Harper and Erick Rowan ran to the ramp to wait for him, but Cena came from the crowd and hit the Attitude Adjustment on Wyatt and then took off.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Back from commercials, Paul Heyman and Cesaro are in the ring. Every time, he tried to talk about Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker, the audience mimicked him which kept frustrating him. Finally, he laid down on the mat and said he isn’t the Queen finally dying and making Charles president. He is The Undertaker. JBL made a comment about Heyman looking like Ralph Kramden, which caused Michael Cole to once again insult the intelligence of wrestling fans. This leads into a non-title match between Cesaro and United State champion Sheamus.

The fans weren’t into the match at the start and the London fans were just all giving random chants. However, the match lasted almost 20 minutes, and after the first commercial break the fans were really getting into the match. It was a good, hard fought match. The end came when Paul Heyman jumped up on the ring apron and Sheamus took his attention off of Sheamus. Cesaro hit a German Suplex for the win. Sheamus, after the match, looked like he admitted that they got him and offered to shake Cesaro’s hand, but Cesaro blew him off and walked off.

Winner: Cesaro (***)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Big E vs. Ryback

There will be a Beat the Clock challenge tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw with three matches. The one who wins quickest gets an Intercontinental title match at “WWE Payback.” The first match is Big E vs. Ryback. Big E got the win in 05:02 with the Big Ending. The match was pretty slow paced and the fans really weren’t into the match at all.

Winner: Big E (*)

WWE Monday Night Raw

R-Truth and Cameron vs. Fandango and Layla

Up next is a mixed tag team match. R-Truth and Cameron, with Naomi at ringside, took on Fandango and Layla. Before the match ever started, Summer Rae’s music started and she stormed down to the ring. She walked into the ring and laid a huge kiss on Fandango before attacking Layla. The match never happened.

Winner: No Contest 


WWE Monday Night Raw

Daniel Bryan’s music kicked in and Stephanie McMahon came out mocking Bryan’s “Yes” entrance. She then mimicked Bad News Barrett and said she has some bad news and she is contemplating stripping Daniel Bryan of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. She said that she can reward it to someone like Kane, Bad News Barrett, Batista or Triple H. Next week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Bryan has to show up and “do the right thing.”

WWE Monday Night Raw

Heath Slater vs. Rusev

The Union Jacks (3MB) came out next and Heath Slater is in action. Slater started to cut a promo but The Ravishing Russian Lana came out. London hates Vladimir Putin as much as America does. She brought out Rusev and he actually said something in Russian before coming down to the ring. Rusev squashed Slater and made him tap out in quick fashion.

Winner: Rusev (*)

Next is a backstage promo with The Shield. Tonight Seth Rollins will face Batista in a singles match and at “WWE Payback,” they will face Evolution in an elimination match. Roman Reigns showed his busted up eye with nine stitches and asked if this is all they got.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

The second Beat the Clock match saw Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam. The time they had to beat was 05:02. The match wasn’t very good, but RVD won with a quick roll up and beat Big E’s time, with a win in 04:15.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (**)

Backstage, John Cena was being interviewed about his match tonight. He brought in The Usos and said that they will have his back against The Wyatt Family. After that, Evolution met up backstage and talked about their plans.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Seth Rollins vs. Batista

Seth Rollins vs. Batista was next. Only “official” members of the match are allowed at ringside for this WWE Monday Night Raw match. That caused Triple H to come out as the “official” ring announcer and Randy Orton as the “official” guest timekeeper. Seth Rollins took the mic and introduced the “official” guest commentators for the match, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

The match was really good, but as expected it ended in controversy. Randy Orton distracted Seth Rollins, which brought all four “official” members to surround the ring. When Triple H interfered when the referee’s back was turned, Ambrose attacked him. The four began to brawl around the announcer’s table. Seth Rollins set up to dive out onto Triple H, but Triple H hit him, so Rollins won the match by disqualification. The attempted to triple powerbomb Batista, but Triple H distracted them and Orton pulled Batista out for the save.

Winner: Seth Rollins by DQ (***)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Paige  vs. Alicia Fox

After last week’s major meltdown for Alicia Fox on WWE Monday Night Raw, she gets a rematch this week against Divas Champion Paige. Wow, this was not like any Divas match I have seen in a long time. It started with Fox kicking Paige in the face and then Paige just started throwing her all over the ring. They ended up outside where Fox tossed her over the railing. They were not so much wrestling, as fighting. Fox actually won the match by throwing Paige into the steel ring post and then kicking her in the face. Unlike last week when Fox went nuts after losing and stealing JBL’s hat, this week she celebrated and stole Jerry Lawler’s crown (as well as a fan’s drink).

Winner: Alicia Fox (** 1/2)

Luke Harper actually cut a small promo backstage before Bray Wyatt took over.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mark Henry

The final Beat the Clock match was Dolph Ziggler against Mark Henry. The match was a good one, and Ziggler actually hit the Zig Zag, but couldn’t go for the pin before the time ran out. After the match was over with, RVD came out to celebrate winning the Beat the Clock challenge. Bad New Barrett ran out and hit the Bull Hammer from behind, knocking him out. “I’ve got some bad news!” RVD has to fight Barrett at “WWE Payback.” RVD may have beat the clock tonight, but the British set the time for the entire world. “This Englishman will never lost to a bloody Yank.” The fans love Bad News Barrett.

Winner: No Contest (** 1/2)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Renee Young is in the ring and calls out Adam Rose, who comes out with the Rosebuds. This was easily the best response as the fans kept singing his song after the music stopped. In the middle of the interview everyone started singing his song again. Rose then got the bunny dancing to the music until The Real Americans music started, and people sang along with that too. Colter compared them to 60s hippie rejects. The fans are back to singing Adam Rose’s song again. He said Rose fits in better in Britain with these freaks. Zeb Colter challenged Adam Rose to a match but then Swagger sucker punched Rose. Swagger threatened the Rosebuds which gave Rose a chance to attack him and toss him from the ring. “Sometimes you got to fight, but the party never stops.”

WWE Monday Night Raw

John Cena vs. Luke Harper

John Cena is out for the WWE Monday Night Raw main event with The Usos by his side. The Wyatt Family comes out next. The fans here are awesome, all over the arena holding up their phones with the flashlights on as Wyatt came to the ring. This is John Cena vs. Luke Harper. The fans are singing “John Cena sucks” during the match. Funnily, they were also still singing Adam Rose’s theme song. Luke Harper looked like a monster in this match and was put over very strong.

The end came when Erick Rowan tried to distract Cena but The Usos attacked him. This led to Wyatt hitting two of the quickest, smoothest Sister Abigail Kisses I have seen him hit on the two Uso brothers. Then Rowan hit Cena for the disqualification. Wyatt then hit Sister Abigail on Cena as almost all the fans started swaying and singing for Wyatt. Then they took Cena to the top of the ramp, hit Sister Abigail again, and the fans all started chanting YES. As Wyatt led the crowd in singing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” Luke Harper counted to 10 to signify the Last Man Standing match coming at WWE Payback.

Winner: John Cena by DQ (*** 1/2)