The Blacklist

After the plane crash, survivors are walking away from the scene. News reports are that the plane was shot down by military jets. Red’s immunity has been lifted and he is back at he black-site as a prisoner. One of the agents arresting Red asks him is the girl (Lizzie) worth all this? Red tells him that she is.

The plane that crashed were transporting prisoners but the FAA had a fake manifest on the passengers on board of the plane. Three of the men escaped but were captured by the task force. They do not know who was on the plane and has never heard of Berlin. The only know that of a man on the plane who was being called “Whoot”. They do say that the man in the hood was giving orders as if he was in charge. Tom goes to Berlin and gives him a list of names that have on it Malik, Cooper, Keen and Ressler. Tom asks Berlin are they still moving forward? Lizzie asks one of the agents can she speak with Red to help with the Berlin case. In Red’s cell he is told that he has a visitor. Alan Fitch goes and pays Red a visit.

Fitch sets up a transfer for Red so that he can escape. Red escapes as the lead agent knows what is going on. Red calls Lizzie and tells her that everyone on the task force is in danger and to pull them out. Lizzie has Aram call Ressler and Malik while in the field (at a nightclub) and can not get a hold of them. Ressler finds a few Russians in the VIP section of the club they are at. Ressler tells them to put their hands on the table. One of the men (Demetri) shows Ressler his tattoo and then attacks Ressler. One of the men has left the VIP, finds Malik and slices her throat. Lizzie arrives at the club to find Malik on the floor bleeding to death.

Malik is dead and Cooper asks Ressler to tell Red to talk to the Russian ambassador to get the manifest of the plane. Red shows up in the ambassadors home and “convinces” him to give up the manifest. The manifest leads the team to talk to the only surviving guard from the plane. Ressler and Lizzie have a few prisoners from the manifest they feel may be Berlin. The guard tells them a story of how Berlin was sent to Siberia to rot. While there his daughter was kidnapped and sent back to him piece by piece. Berlin made a knife out of his daughters bone and killed all the guards in the prison and escaped. Berlin vowed revenge on whomever killed his daughter.

Cooper meets the agent that was involved in Red’s escape. Cooper is told that people wanted Red out of custody and Cooper needs to get Red and Lizzie back to together. When Cooper goes back to his car,  his detail is dead. A man in the back seat strangles Cooper. The FBI is not sure if Cooper will make it. Red goes to Fitch to ask him to find Berlin and Red will take care of the rest. Fitch tells Red a man named Milo Kinsky is a former Red Army member and KGB agent and also goes by the name Berlin. Lizzie talks to Red about her father. Red tells her that a friend of Sam brought Lizzie to his doorstep to take care of her after the fire. Lizzie tells Red that the only thing she remembers is the fire and this is the only thing she remembers about her father. Red tells Lizzie that he killed Sam because he was dying. Also to protect her from the identity of her real dad. Which is what Sam wanted to tells Lizzie before he died. Fitch calls Red and tells him the location of Berlin. Red goes to the location and kills about 5 people, goes into an apartment and says to the man inside “You must be Berlin.”

Ressler is trying to get every agent on the case to find Malik’s killer and the person behind what happened to Cooper. Lizzie is at Cooper’s bedside and tells him that this is all because of her. Red has tied Berlin to a chair and is trying to figure out who he is and what Red has done to him to make him come after him with so much intensity. Berlin is staying quiet. Red shoots him in the hand. Lizzie is sitting in the car and Tom comes to join her with a gun in tow. Red is still trying to find out what he did to Berlin. Berlin is still not talking. Red shoots him in the hip. Berlin tells Red, Beirut. Red remember the occasion. Berlin also tells Red that he found him because of his weakness, Lizzie. Someone enters the apartment and Red focuses his gun to the door, Tom comes in with Lizzie at gunpoint. Berlin tells him to kill her.

Berlin is still screaming to Tom to kill Lizzie. Red doesn’t want to hear this anymore and kills Berlin. Tom shoots at Red and Lizzie hits Tom. Tom and Lizzie struggle for the gun and Lizzie ends up shooting Tom. She backs away then shoot him twice more. Red comes over to finish him off. Lizzie tells him that she will take care of it. Red tells her to make it quick. Tom whispers something to Lizzie and her eyes open up wide. There was a burnt body on the plane that the FBI has not identified. The prisoners are still being held captive and interrogated. The prisoners keep saying that Berlin cut his hand off. The FBI interprets this has Berlin cut off the mans hand that was burned during he crash. Aram points out that the prisoners were saying that Berlin cut off his own hand. Aram figured out that Berlin is still alive and was posing as the security guard that Ressler and Lizzie meet with earlier.

At the hospital where the guard (The real Berlin) was being held. A guard is dead and Berlin is gone. Ressler is by Cooper’s bedside. Cooper’s hand moves. Red and Lizzie have a talk. Lizzie tells Red that the man he shot was not Berlin. Red tells her hat he figured this out because the man he killed spoke of Beirut, which happened long after “Berlin” has been trying to take down Red. Red tells Lizzie that the real Berlin must think that everyone “thinks” he is dead. Red talks to Lizzie and tells her that when her father dropped her off, he make a difficult choice and ran. She can go that same path of keep on the good fight and help find Berlin. Lizzie says that she is leaving.

When the police go to the apartment of the fake Berlin. Tom’s body is no where to be found. Red and Dembe is preparing to leave and a taxi pulls up. Lizzie in in the taxi. She speaks to Red inside of the house and tells him what Tom told her that before he died. Tom told Lizzie that her father is still alive. Red tells her with uncertainty the her father “died in the fire”. Lizzie agrees to stay. Red is taking off his shirt and checking his badges. Berlin is still alive and has a pocket-watch with a picture of his daughter. When Red takes off his shirt he is looking at a picture of Berlin’s daughter. Red’s back is filled with burn marks.

The Analysis

Red doesn’t get “his own” hands dirty a lot but when he does, he is a bad ass. The scene where Red runs through the alley where the fake Berlin’s apartment was. Killing all of the men standing look out was one of the best scenes of the season. Well we finally have seen that Red is Lizzie’s father. When Red was telling Lizzie that her father died in the fire. I was caught off guard as Red stated earlier that Lizzie’s father dropped her off at Sam’s house after the fire. I’m guess what Red is saying is that whoever he was before and after the fire are two different people. Red also earlier in the season told Lizzie outright that he wasn’t her father. I think what Red was trying to say then was either that Sam took over the parenting side of Lizzie and Red didn’t consider himself a father.

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