Yesterday, we showed you the teaser Batmobile photo that Zack Snyder revealed on his Twitter account. Snyder also hinted that he would show a photo of the Batmobile today. He wasn’t lying and he didn’t just stop at showing the Batmobile. Zack Snyder revealed the Batmobile as well as a look at Batman as well.

Now, the rear shot of the Batmobile photo from yesterday looked like the car could be a lot more like the original Batmobiles and less like the Tumbler model from the Christopher Nolan movies. With the new photo, it looks like that photo was deceiving and the Tumbler design is a lot more of what we have here.

However, the design for the Batman costume is awesome. According to the image title, this is Ben Affleck in the Batman costume. As you can see, the Batman photo is in monochrome, but it still looks like they are going with the grey version of the costume, which is perfect for the idea of an older Batman.

While the photo is dark, there is also a lighter version to look at as well to see more detail from the Batman costume at least. I think the Batman costume looks great, although the Batmobile itself just looks like more of the same stuff that Nolan gave us.

What are your thoughts on the new Batman photo from Zack Snyder? Let us know your thoughts below.

Batman photo

Photo from Zack Snyder / Twitter