Three more actors have been upgraded to regular cast members on the upcoming Fox Batman prequel TV show Gotham. Cory Michael Smith, Victoria Cartagena and Andrew Stewart-Jones have all been promoted and two of the characters are major DC Comics characters.

Smith plays Edward Nygma, the brilliant scientist who eventually becomes The Riddler. Gotham will feature a number of characters before they became super villains, including Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and The Penguin.

Renee MontoyaThe second character is one I am even more excited about. Cartagena plays Detective Renee Montoya. In DC Comics, Renee was partnered with Harvey Bullock, who will be Jim Gordon’s partner in the Gotham TV show. When Gordon became commissioner, he promoted her to a homicide detective.

Stewart-Jones portrays Crispus Allen, the new partner of Renee Montoya after Bullock was promoted, so it seems like Gotham will just skip straight to their partnership. In the comics, it does not end well for Crispus Allen, as he was killed by a corrupt police detective named Jim Corrigan.

In the comics, Crispus Allen became the new Spectre after his death while Renee Montoya¬†had an emotional breakdown, and when she learned that Corrigan was responsible for Allen’s murder, she walked out and quit the Gotham PD. Soon after that, she took over the role as the super hero known as The Question.

Now, this is just a ton of info that will never see the light of day in the Gotham TV series, but honestly, the fact they are bringing so many geek friendly Batman characters into this world makes this show something that most Batman fans won’t want to miss.