On this week’s season finale of Bates Motel Norman came home, Dylan and Romero ended the drug war, and Norma saved Norman in a different way.

The Breakdown

On the season finale of Bates Motel entitled The Immutable Truth, Sheriff Romero was headed to Nick’s house when he saw Dylan emerging from the side of the road. He pulled over and Dylan stated that he has just killed Nick and he did not find out where Norman was being held. Romero told Dylan to hop in the truck and they continued to Nick’s house. Romero found Nick laying dead on the floor and one of his men looting the safe upstairs. Romero got Nick’s man to tell him where Norman was being held.

Romero and Dylan headed to the woods in search of Norman. They found an empty trailer that Nick’s men had abandoned and then Dylan started yelling for Norman. Romero and Dylan heard Norman calling back and found him inside the box. They helped him out and took him to the hospital.

Norma arrived at the hospital and was very thankful to Dylan for finding Norman. Norma then stayed by Norman’s side. Norman started to tell Norma about the memories he had in the box regarding Ms. Watson’s death, but Norma told him to stop talking about it and that they were just dreams.

Norma got Norman home to be greeted by Emma. When Emma asked what happened to Norman, Norma told her that Norman had the stomach flu. It appeared obvious to Emma that Norma was lying. Norma continued on her way past Emma to get Norman into bed.

Jodi called her brother Zane on the phone and asked him to come over. She made it sound like she did not care what he did with Dylan. When she hung up the phone the camera panned to Dylan and Romero standing behind her. They were the ones who had prompted that call in order to lure Zane there. The three waited for Zane to arrive and suddenly the lights were turned off. Romero went downstairs and instructed Dylan and Jodi to stay put. Of course, they did not. Jodi headed downstairs and found a knife. Zane and Jodi got into it and Jodi cut Zane. Zane then shot Jodi square in the chest just in time to look up in surprise at Dylan. Just as he was about to kill Dylan, Romero came up behind him. Without much thought, Romero shot Zane dead.

Dylan asked Romero what would happen next. Romero explained that what would be told is that Nick was killed by Zane/Zane’s men and that retaliation was the game. Dylan’s name would be kept out of it as if he were never there. However, Romero made it clear that Dylan was now to owe Romero.

Norma saw Christine, her somewhat new friend, and the supermarket. Christine was very angry about the things that Norma had said to George about them all being so “privileged”. She told Norma that she had only tried to help her and that with the mayor coming over for dinner, they would just see how that seat on the city council would work out. Norma’s apologies did not help.

Norman sat down to dinner with his mother and tried to tell her again about his memories. He told her that he had sex with Ms. Watson and then killed her. He had finally figured out that during his blackouts he could be dangerous. Norma would not hear any of it, yelled at Norman not to speak of it anymore, and then calmly told him to finish his dinner.

Norman later went to Norma’s room and pulled her gun out of the drawer. He then made a list of things he needed to take care of, with Emma and his mother on that list.

Romero visited Norma at the motel and told her that he made an appointment for Norman to take a polygraph test. He told her that he could not live with himself knowing that an innocent man may pay for a crime he did not commit. He needed to know if Norman was Ms. Watson’s real killer. Norma finally conceded to bring Norman to the appointment. However, Norma was already looking for tickets to Canada and continued to ponder taking Norman out of the country.

Norma then met with Dylan and told him the whole story about Norman, his memories, and the polygraph test. She also told him that she was sorry for everything and had bought him a ticket to go to Canada with her and Norman. Dylan talked her into taking Norman to the appointment instead.

Norman had a talk with Emma after going through the other items on his list. He told Emma what Norma’s brother had done to her and that Dylan was a child of that rape. This seemed to make Emma feel bad about wanting to quit and she seemed to understand why no one had included her on that secret.

Norma found a stuffed bird and a note from Norman on her bed. She knew something was wrong and went in search of Norman. She found him in the woods with the gun. He ran and she chased him down. She persuaded him to hand over the gun by saying she would tell him what happened with his father. Norman obviously believed it was he that killed his dad. Norma explained that his father was hurting her and that Norman was just trying to protect her.

The next day Norman went to take the polygraph test. As the tester got to the question of whether or not Norman killed Ms. Watson, Norman had an hallucination of his mother saying that she was the one who killed Ms. Watson; not Norman. With that Norman finished the test – and passed.

The season finale ended with Norman sitting in the chair from the test and just staring up at the camera with a sinister look.

The Analysis

On the season finale of Bates Motel some stories finally seemed to end while others were just beginning.

Ending was the drug war between Jodi/Zane and Nick Ford. Dylan seems to be out of danger and out of getting in trouble for killing anyone. Will this be the end? If so, who is going to take over the biggest business in White Pine Bay?

Beginning was Norman’s evil side and unstable mind only becoming more unstable all the time. Seeing his mother during that polygraph test showed us just the start of how Norman believes his mother kills people and not him – as we saw in the movie that started this series Psycho. This was a great intro to Norman’s true self and how he became who he really is!

I was happy to see Norma and Dylan’s relationship getting better. I actually had a couple of “aw’s” when they had their couple of heartfelt moments. Maybe those two will be close next season…finally.

What did you think of the Bates Motel season finale? Are you already excited to see this series pick up next season where it left off? I know I am! Be sure to check back for dates regarding next season’s premiere.