The Breakdown

Flashback of Garrett speaking to a young Grant Ward in a juvenile detention center. Garrett gives him the choice of going with him or staying in juvenile. Ward chooses to go with Garrett.

A Colombian drug lord has been killed. Garrett and Deathlok are behind it. Ward tells Garrett that he could have done it cleanly. Garrett tells Ward that he wanted to make a spectacle. Rena has uploaded all of the research on GH-325 and Garrett congratulates her. Skye’s present is that she left Garrett and Cybertek is a Trojan horse. The only problem is that the horse is not activated until she can connect to a Cybertek computer. Coulson and the team plan to infiltrate a Cybertek office in order to start the horse. Triplett brings a bunch of old spy stuff from his grandfather who was an original SHIELD agent.

Flashback of Garrett and Ward in the woods. Garrett tells Ward that he has to take any and everything he needs to survive. Garrett leaves Ward in the woods and intends to come back for him in a month to see if he survives.

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD / Photo by Kelsey McNeal

Coulson and May go into the Cybertek office, posing as two scientist looking for a job. Skye and Triplet are outside. Skye is looking for the data center and is not finding anything. Fitz and Simmons are coaching May and Coulson to pitch the icer gun, The Cybertek  people have seen it before and have not been impressed with the SHIELD agents they have interviewed, they are more open to HYDRA applicants. Skye finally finds what could be the data center on the 4th floor. Coulson and May get there and notice that all the files are actual hard copies of files. Deathlok is talking to Rena, asking her why is she here. He wants to know if someone is controlling her. Rena tells him no. She tells him that she is there to help gifted people and to see what will happened to the gifted as Deathlok. Rena also compares her self to Skye. When May and Coulson are busted they take and entire file cabinet out of the Cybertek office. The file is on Deathlok that goes back to 1990. It shows that Garrett was the first Deathlok.

Flashback of Ward and Garrett’s dog (buster) taking shelter under a tree in the raining woods.

Ward runs up to Garrett and tells him he isn’t that scared kid anymore. Garrett tells him to act like it. Garrett then grabs his chest as he is having a heart attack (or something like it). Ward rushes Garrett into the lab and hooks him up to a machine. Garrett has a metal plate where his chest and liver should be. Fitz is still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Ward is HYDRA. Fitz is thinking of every reasonable excuse to let Ward off of the hook. May talks to Skye, Skye wonders how May is able to act like nothing happened being she had a “relationship” with Ward. May tells her that she bottles up her anger and will use it when she sees Ward again. Rena has some information to give to Garrett about Skye. Ward tells her that Garrett is busy and to tell him. Rena tells Ward that something in Skye’s DNA makes her (Rena) believe Sky’s origin fits a legend of a child in China whose parents were monsters. (I have no idea what the hell Rena was talking about, If I misinterpreted the story I apologize).

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD / Photo by Kelsey McNeal

The team is in Cuba tracking down the BUS, Garrett and Ward. Coulson has given orders to Fitz and Simmons to go and look for the BUS but not to engage it.

Flashback Garrett comes back to the campsite where he left Ward. Ward says its been 6 months. Garrett tells him he was out of the country. Garrett pulls out a gun and teaches Ward how to shoot.

Fitz and Simmons finds the BUS. Coulson tells them once again do not engage. Fitz has the idea to send in a dwarf to track the BUS. When Fitz turns around he sees that Ward has found him instead.

Flashback Of Garrett explaining to Ward how SHIELD treated him when he was injured in the field. Garrett lost half his stomach and wanted to treat SHIELD like they treated him. Garrett tells Ward that the organization he really works for is HYDRA.

Rena hands Garrett the synthesized GH-215 which is the only vile left. When Ward takes Fitz and Simmons on the BUS, Fitz has a EMP that looks like a toy buzzer. Fitz presses it and Garrett’s heart gets shut down.

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD / Photo by Kelsey McNeal

As Ward rushes to Garrett’s aid there is a Flashback where Garrett tells Ward that he has been accepted to the SHIELD academy. Garrett tells Ward to kill the dog and they will be in their way. Upon Ward’s hesitation, Garrett asks Ward is the dog (buster) an attachment? Ward tells him no.

As Ward is by Garrett’s side, he tells him to kill Fitz and Simmons. Upon Ward stalling Garrett repeats the same line to Ward. When Ward finds Fitz and Simmons, they have locked themselves into a portion of the BUS. Fitz is trying to find out is Ward really the bad guy or is there good still left in him.

Flashback Ward shoots the gun in the air and lets the dog run free.

Instead of killing Fitz and Simmons, Ward releases a lock that sends the room Fitz and Simmons where in, into the ocean. Ward rushes back to Garrett to find Rena has injected the last of the GH-325 into him. Garrett looks like a centipede solider that is about to blow up but finally stabilizes.

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD / Photo by Kelsey McNeal

After credits scene 

Quinn meets with two members of the army. Quinn is speaking about Deathlok and proposing to sell the Army soldiers like Deathlok. Quinn ask them to simply tour the Cybertek facility and see how everything works. They don’t give an answer but look intrigued.


The whole flashback thing got to be a little too campy, I felt like I was watching Scandal again. Don’t get me wrong the flashback was meaningful but there only needed to be one or two of them like 11.